Jun 29, 2011

The game drawen by sennichite .

Shogi News : The 82nd Kisei sen ; 5 games title match

The 2nd game of the Kisei sen title match between HABU Yoshiharu and FUKAURA Kouichi started 9:00 A.M. 25 June 2011 .

You can see the original game record on the Net .
(Flash version , written in Japanese language)
(Java version , written in Japanese language)

Sente : HABU Yoshiharu (Meijin , Kisei , Oza)
Gote : FUKAURA Kouichi (9 dan)

(diagram 1)

1.P-7f P-3d
2.P-2f G-3b
3.P-2e P-8d
4.G-7h Bx8h+
5.Sx8h S-2b
6.S-3h S-3c
7.K-6h S-6b
8.S-7g P-6d
9.S-2g S-6c
10.S-2f P-1d
11.P-3f P-4d
12.P-3e G-5b
13.K-7i P-6e
14.Px3d Sx3d
15.G-5h P-9d
16.P-9f S-5d
17.P-5f R-6b
(diagram 1)

By 4...Bx8h+ , FUKAURA selected Ittezon Kakugawari as the opening of this game . HABU advanced his right Silver onto 4f making Bougin attacking form . FUKAURA made Koshikakegin form and slid his Rook with 17...R-6b to counter-attack HABU's camp .

(diagram 2)

18.P-1f N-9c
19.S-6h P-6f
20.Px6f B*3i
21.R-3h Bx6f+
22.Rx3d P*3c
23.R-3h +Bx9i
24.B*7g +B-9h
25.G-8h +B-9i
26.G-7h +B-9h
27.G-8h +B-9i
28.G-7h +B-9h
29.G-8h +B-9i
30.G-7h sennichite
(diagram 2)

After 59 moves , the game drawn by sennichite .

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