May 31, 2009

Shogi Game record : HABU won the championship . (NHK cup)

Shogi Game record : The 58th NHK cup TV Shogi tournament final

The final game of the 58th NHK cup TV Shogi tournament between MORIUCHI and HABU was broadcasted 22 March 2009 .

Sente : MORIUSHI Toshiyuki (9 dan)
Gote : HABU Yoshiharu (Meijin , Osho , Kisei , Oza)

(diagram 1 )

1.P-7f P-3d
2.P-6f R-3b
3.B-7g K-6b
4.S-7h P-3e
5.S-6g S-7b
6.R-8h G4a-5b
7.S-3h P-7d
8.K-4h S-7c
9.G6i-5h S-4b
10.P-4f P-4d
(diagram 1)

Both MORIUSHI and HABU opened their Bishop lines , and MORIUCHI immediately closed his one with 2.P-6f . This move means MORIUCHI wanted to a game quiet one like Yagura , Sente Furibisha or Ai-Furibisha . By HABU's 2...R-3b this game seemed to advance Ai-Furibisha . MORIUCHI also selected Mukai-Bisha , a kind of Furibisha . HABU made Mino gakoi and MORIUCHI also made Mino gakoi . And they started advancing their Mino gakoi .

(diagram 2)

11.K-3i S-4c
12.P-6e P-3f
13.Px3f Rx3f
14.S-5f R-3b
15.R-6h K-7b
16.P-9f G6a-6b
17.G-4g S-3d
18.S-3g P-1d
19.G-3h N-1c
20.P-2f P-2d
21.S-3f P*3e
22.S-2g P-2e
23.Px2e P-4e
24.Bx2b+ Rx2b
25.B*3c R-2a
26.P-2d Px4f
27.Gx4f S-2e
28.K-4h P*2f
29.S-1h S-3f
30.P*3g P-2g+
31.Sx2g Sx2g=
32.Gx2g P-3f
33.G4fx3f P-5d
34.S*3b S*4d
35.Bx4d+ Rx2d
36.+B-2f Rx2f
37.G3fx2f B*4d
38.S*7g P*2h
39.R*4a B*3c
40.R-6i Px2i+
(diagram 2)

HABU exchanged the 3rd file Pawns and backed his Rook to 3b . HABU advanced his Mino gakoi to Bonanza gakoi and MORIUCHI advanced his Mino gakoi to Yagura gakoi .

seemed to success making an effective attacking formation with 19...N-1c , but MORIUCHI's 20.P-2f is a good move to disturb HABU's attack . HABU tried to continue attacking but he failed it . The position after MORIUCHI's move 41.Rx2i , MORIUCHI almost completely defend HABU's assult .

(diagram 3)

42.P*4e Bx2f
43.Gx2f Nx7g+
44.G-3e P-5e
45.S-4g +N-6g
46.P-4d P-5f
47.Sx5f S*4f
48.Sx6g G*4g
49.K-5i Sx5g+
50.K-6i +Sx6g
51.K-7i G-5g
52.K-8h G-6h
53.N*5d G-7h
54.K-9h G-5a
55.R-4c+ Gx8i
56.Kx8i S*7h
57.K-8h N*8e
58.B*5e B-1e
59.Nx6b+ Gx6b
60.G*5b P-9d
(diagram 3)

HABU still tried to continue attcking . And both players had some questinable moves . After many moves , MORIUCHI got a win advantage .

(diagram 4)

61.R-2a+ P*5a
62.Gx6b Kx6b
63.Bx7c+ Kx7c
64.+Rx6c Kx6c
65.+R-2c N*3c
66.+Rx3c Bx3c
(diagram 4)

By 63.Bx7c+ , MORIUCHI lost this game . If he played 63.+Rx5a instead of 63.Bx7c+ MORIUCHI won the game .

May 30, 2009

Shogi Game record : KOBAYASHI beated MURAYAMA with Ittezon Kakukawari . (Ginga sen)

Shogi Game record : The 17th Ginga sen : B-block

A shogi game of Ginga sen B-block between MURAYAMA and KOBAYASHI was broadcasted 21 March 2009 .

Sente : MURAYAMA Yasuaki (5 dan)
Gote : KOBAYASHI Hiroshi (6 dan)

(diagram 1)

1.P-7f P-3d
2.P-2f G-3b
3.G-7h P-8d
4.P-2e Bx8h+
5.Sx8h S-2b
6.S-3h S-3c
7.K-6h S-7b
8.P-3f P-6d
9.S-3g S-6c
10.S-4f S-5d
(diagram 1)

KOBAYASHI selected Ittezon Kakukawari as the opening of this game with 4...Bx8h+ . After Bishop exchange , both KOBAYASHI and MURAYAMA developped their each camp .

MURAYAMA selected Hayakuri Gin formation with S-4f and , KOBAYASHI selected Koshikake Gin formation with S-5d .

(diagram 2)

11.P-3e Px3e
12.Sx3e P-8e
13.P-2d Px2d
14.Sx2d Sx2d
15.Rx2d P*2c
16.R-2h P*3f
17.S-7g P-1d
18.K-7i S-4e
19.S*5e P-8f
20.Px8f P-3g+
21.Nx3g S-3f
22.P*3h Sx4g+
23.N-4e P*8g
24.Nx5c+ +Sx5g
(diagram 2)

MURAYAMA exchanged 3rd file Pawn by his right Silver , and KOBAYASHI advanced his Rook Pawn with P-8e to prepare counterattack . MURAYAMA further attacked 2nd file with P-2d , and exchanged Silvers and Pawn . After this exchange , MURAYAMA backed his Rook with R-2h . KOBAYASHI dropped a Pawn with 16...P*3f ,to disturb MURAYAMA's P*3g .

MURAYAMA's King tried to escape from 3rd file , but KOBAYASHI sacrificed a Pawn with 19...P-8d and dropped a Pawn with 23...P*8g to disturb MURAYAMA's King escape .
Both players roughly assulted each other around 5th file .

(diagram 3)

25.P*5b Gx5b
26.B*3e Gx5c
27.Bx5c+ P*5b
28.+B-7a N*6e
29.P*4b Kx4b
30.S5e-6f Nx7g+
31.Gx7g B*4f
32.P-3g S*5h
33.N*3d K-3c
34.G*4e Rx8f
35.Gx4f S*8h
(diagram 3)

Aftre 70 moves , KOBAYASHI won the game .

May 29, 2009

Shogi Game record : OGURA won with Sanken Bisha . (Ginga sen)

Shogi Game record : The 17th Ginga sen : A-block

A Shogi game of Ginga sen A-block between HIRAFUJI and OGURA was broadcasted 19 March 2009 .

Sente : HIRAFUJI Shingo (6 dan)
Gote : OGURA Hisashi (7 dan)

(diagram 1)

1.P-7f P-3d
2.P-2f P-4d
3.S-4h R-3b
4.P-2e B-3c
5.K-6h K-6b
6.K-7h K-7b
7.B-7g S-4b
8.K-8h P-5d
9.P-5f S-5c
10.S-5g S-6d
(diagram 1)

OGURA is a famous Furibisha player , and he selected Sanken Bisha with R-3b in this game . HIRAFUJI pushed the 2nd file Pawn in the early stage of the game to disturb Gote's natural development to ISHIDA ryu hongumi . Both players started making their each Kakoi .

(diagram 2)

11.S-6f K-8b
12.G4i-5i G4a-5b
13.G-7h S-7b
14.L-9h P-3e
15.K-9i B-5a
16.R-2f R-3d
17.G-6i P-3f
18.Px3f B-1e
19.R-2h Rx3f
20.P*3g R-2f
21.Rx2f Bx2f
(diagram 2)

HIRAFUJI moved up his Silver with S-6f to avoid OGURA's S-6e . While HIRAFUJI was making Ibisha Anaguma , OGURA completed Hon mino gakoi , and started developping his attacking piecies to make ISHIDA ryu formation . HIRAFUJI's G-6i may be a careless move , and OGURA started attacking with P-3f . After Rook exchange , HIRAFUJI had not completed his Ibisha Anaguma yet .

(diagram 3)

22.S-8h R*3i
23.G6i-7i Rx2i+
24.R*3a +Rx1i
25.Rx2a+ L*7d
26.N*6h N*8d
27.P-7e Lx7e
28.Sx7e Sx7e
29.P-5e S*7f
30.Nx7f Nx7f
31.Px5d Nx8h+
32.Bx8h B-3e
33.B-5e Bx7i+
34.Gx7i +Rx7i
35.N*7d K-9b
36.B*4f S*8h
37.Bx8h +Rx8h
38.Kx8h N*7f
39.K-7h G*6h
40.Bx6h Nx6h+
41.Kx6h Px7d
42.S*6e P*5f
43.L*5i N*7f
44.Sx7f Sx7f
45.S*7a Gx7a
46.+Rx7a S*7g
47.Nx7g Sx7g+
48.Kx7g B*9i
(diagram 3)

After 96 moves , OGURA won the game .

May 28, 2009

Shogi Game record : MORIUCHI beated SATO's unique tactics . (NHK cup)

Shogi Game record : The 58th NHK cup TV Shogi tournament semifinal

A semifinal game of the 58th NHK cup TV Shogi tournament between SATO and MORIUCHI was broadcasted 15 March 2009 .

Sente : SATO Yasumitus (Kio )
Gote : MORIUCHI Toshiyuki (9 dan)

(diagram 1)

1.P-7f P-3d
2.P-2f G-3b
3.P-2e Bx8h+
4.Sx8h S-2b
5.S-7g S-3c
6.S-3h S-6b
7.P-3f P-6d
8.S-2g S-6c
9.P-5f P-1d
(diagram 1)

MORIUCHI seleted Ittezon Kakukawari as the opening of this game . After pushing the 3rd file Pawn , SATO moved up his right Silver with 8.S-2g . He tried to develop his unique Mukai Bisha . If without P-3f , SATO's Rook can't move to 8h , becasuse of the opponent's Bishop drop on 4e gives him disadvantage .

(diagram 2)

10.S-6f S-4d
11.P-4f P-5d
12.R-4h N-3c
13.G-3h P-6e
14.Sx6e P-7d
15.N-7g B*5g
16.B*9e G-6b
17.R-4g B-8d+
18.Bx8d Px8d
19.P-4e Nx4e
20.P*4f N-5g+
21.Rx5g B*8h
22.G-6h N-7c
23.R-4g Bx9i+
24.Sx7d Sx7d
25.P-7e S-6c
26.N*7d R-8a
27.Nx6b+ Kx6b
28.P-6f N*6d
29.K-4i Nx5f
30.G-6g +B-8i
(diagram 2)

Both SATO and MORIUCHI advanced their left Silvers with S-6f & S-4d . They developped their camps , without moving their Kings . MORIUCHI attacked SATO's 6f Silver and SATO tried to attack MORIUCHI's 4d Silver . After some moves , MORIUCHI got an advantage .

(diagram 3)

31.P-6e S-5e
32.K-3i S*5h
33.G-5g Sx4g+
34.G5gx4g R*7i
35.K-2h Rx7g+
36.S*6d S6cx6d
37.Px6d Sx6d
38.P*6c K-5c
39.S*7b R-2a
40.P-6b+ K-4b
41.S-6c+ N*1e
42.+Sx6d Nx2g+
43.Kx2g S*4i
44.S*3i P-2d
45.B*5c K-3c
46.N*4e K-2b
47.Px2d L*2e
48.G*2f Lx2f
49.Bx2f+ S*1e
50.+Bx1e Px1e
51.S*2c Gx2c
52.Px2c+ Kx2c
53.P*2d K-1d
(diagram 3)

After 106 moves , MORIUCHI won the game .

May 27, 2009

Shogi Game record : NAKAI won the championship of Jo-ryu Saikyou sen tournament ! ( Jo-ryu Saikyou sen)

Shogi Game record : The 2nd Jo-ryu Saikyou sen tournament final

A final shogi game of the 2nd Jo-ryu Saikyou sen between UEDA and NAKAI started 15 March 2009 .

Sente : UEDA Hatsumi (Jo-ryu 2 dan)
Gote : NAKAI Hiroe (Jo-ryu 6 dan)

(diagram 1)

1.P-7f P-8d
2.S-7h P-3d
3.P-6f S-6b
4.R-6h P-5d
5.K-4h K-4b
6.K-3h K-3b
7.K-2h G6a-5b
8.L-1h S-5c
9.K-1i B-3c
10.S-6g K-2b
(diagram 1)

UEDA selected Shiken Bisha , her favorite opening in this game , with 4.R-6h . NAKAI completed Funa gakoi with 7...G6a-5b and UEDA started making Furibisha Anaguma with 8.L-1h . NAKAI started advancing her Funa gakoi with 9...B-3c and 10...K-2b .

(diagram 2)

11.S-2h S-3b
12.G-3i P-2d
13.G-5h S-2c
14.P-4f G-3b
15.G-4g P-8e
16.B-7g P-1d
17.P-3f P-1e
18.P-5f P-7d
19.P-4e P-4d
20.Px4d Sx4d
21.P-6e S-5c
22.P-5e Px5e
23.S-6f P-8f
24.Px8f P-7e
25.Sx7e S-5d
26.P-6d Px6d
27.Sx6d P*6f
28.Rx6f P*8h
(diagram 2)

UEDA closed the hole of Anaguma with 11.S-2h and NAKAI made Hidari mino of Bishop 3c version . NAKAI was further developping her Hidari mino to Gin kanmuri with 13...S-2c. UEDA advanced 4th file Pawn and NAKAI immediately exchanged the 4th file Pawns . Pawn exchanging 4d Silver closed NAKAI's Bishop line , UEDA reopened her Bishop line with 21.P-6e . NAKAI tried to exchange the Bishops with 21...S-5c , UEDA once declined the Bishop exchange with 22.P-5e . NAKAI naturaly captured the 5e Pawn with 22...Px5e , and UEDA advanced the left Silver with 23.S-6f .

After sacrificing 2 Pawns with 23...S-8f & 24...S-7e , NAKAI also advanced her right Silver with 25...S-5d . Both players attacked each other's camp .

(diagram 3)

29.P*5f Px8i+
30.Px5e P*6c
31.Px5d Px6d
32.P*4d Bx4d
33.S*5c B-5e
34.Sx5b= Rx5b
35.P-5c+ Rx5c
36.R-5f Bx7g+
37.Rx5c+ S*3c
38.+R-5a B*8d
39.+Rx8a Bx3i+
40.Sx3i +B-6f
41.P*5g +B-6e
42.R*5a P*4a
43.Rx4a+ G*3a
44.+R-4f S*5e
45.+R-3g N*2e
46.+R-3h +Px9i
47.B*5c L*4b
48.P*4f +B-5d
49.+R-5a +Bx5c
50.+Rx5c Sx4f
51.Gx4f Lx4f
52.B*5e G*4g
53.+R-2h P-1f
54.N*4e P*4d
55.Nx3c+ Nx3c
56.Bx4d N*4a
57.Bx3c+ Nx3c
58.S*4d B*4b
59.Sx3c+ Gx3c
60.N*4e Bx5c
61.Nx3c+ Kx3c
62.N*4e K-4d
63.S*5e Kx5e
64.Nx5c+ Gx5g
65.G*7g Px1g+
66.Nx1g S*3g
67.P*5f Kx5f
68.G*6f K-4g
69.B*2i Kx3f
70.Nx2e Sx2h+
71.Sx2h N*3g
72.S*4e Kx4e
73.Sx3g Lx1h+
74.Bx1h P*1g
(diagram 3)

After 148 moves , NAKAI won the game .

May 26, 2009

Shogi Game record : The 17th Ginga sen : H-Block

A Shogi game of Ginga sen H-block between TAKANO and CHUZA was broadcasted 14 March 2009 .

Sente : TAKANO Hideyuki (5 dan)
Gote : CHUZA Makoto (7 dan)

(diagram 1)

1.P-7f P-3d
2.P-2f P-8d
3.P-2e P-8e
4.G-7h G-3b
5.P-2d Px2d
6.Rx2d P-8f
7.Px8f Rx8f
8.Rx3d B-3c
9.R-3f S-2b
10.P*8g R-8e
11.R-2f K-4a
12.K-5h S-6b
13.P-3f G-5a
14.S-3h P-7d
15.N-3g N-7c
16.G-4h P*8f
(diagram 1)

CHUZA selected his favorite opening , Yokofutori . And TAKANO accepted it with 8.Rx3d .
CHUZA moved up the Bishop with 8...B-3c , and the game developped one of the most popular lines . Replying TAKANO's P-8g , CHUZA backed his Rook on 8e and the formation of his camp become Hachi-Go Hi senpou ; CHUZA Bisha . CHUZA made NAKAHARA gakoi and TAKANO selected Nakazumai Gyoku form with K-5h and S-3h formation . After jumped the right Knight with N-7c , CHUZA started attacking with Pawn dropping ; 16...P*8f .

(diagram 2)

17.Px8f Rx8f
18.P-3e P*2c
19.Bx3c+ Sx3c
20.S-8h S-4d
21.P-3d B*5d
22.S-8g R-8d
23.P*8f P-7e
24.Px7e P*3f
25.N-2e B-4e
26.N-3c= Nx3c
27.Px3c+ Sx3c
28.N*7d S-7a
29.P-9f P*8e
30.Px8e Rx8e
31.B*6f N*5d
32.B-5e S-7b
33.P-4f Rx7e
34.Px4e Rx5e
35.P*3d S-2b
36.B*7g R-7e
37.N-8b+ N-4f
(diagram 2)

Replying CHUZA's 8th file Pawn exchange , TAKANO protect the 7f Pawn by the side force of the 2f Rook with P-3e . CHUZA protected 2nd file with P*2c . After Bishop exchange , both players advanced their each left Silvers . CHUZA aimed at TAKANO's right Knight head by dropping the Bishop on 5d . Both players roughly attacked each other .

(diagram 3)

38.K-6h B*1e
39.P*2g Bx2f
40.Px2f Nx3h+
41.Gx3h R*4i
42.B*2a N-6e
43.Bx3b+ Kx3b
44.Bx2b+ K-4a
45.S*3b K-5b
46.Sx4c+ K-6b
47.P*7f Nx5g+
48.K-7g P*8f
49.Px7e Px8g+
50.Kx8g Rx8i+
51.+B-8h B*5d
52.N*7f Bx7f
53.Kx7f +Rx7h
54.+Bx7h N*6d
55.K-6e S*5f
56.K-5e G*5d
57.K-6f +Nx6g
58.+Bx6g G-6e
59.K-7g Sx6g+
60.Kx6g G-5f
61.K-5h B*7f
62.K-4h S*3g
63.K-5i resigns
(diagram 3)

After 125 mvoes , TAKANO won the game .

May 25, 2009

Shogi Game record : NISHIO won in Ai Anaguma game . (Ginga sen)

Shogi Game record : The 17th Ginga sen G-block

A shogi game of Ginga sen G-block between TANAKA and NISHIO was broadcasted 12 March 2009 .

Sente : TANAKA Kaisyu (9 dan)
Gote: NISHIO Akira (5 dan)

(diagram 1)

1.P-2f P-3d
2.P-7f P-4d
3.P-2e B-3c
4.S-4h R-4b
5.P-5f K-6b
6.K-6h K-7b
7.K-7h S-3b
8.S-5g K-8b
9.B-7g S-4c
10.K-8h S-5d
(diagram 1)

TANAKA naturaly advanced the Rook Pawn with 1.P-2f and opened the Bishop line with 2.P-7f . Replying these moves , NISHIO opened and immediately closed his Bishop line with 1...P-3d and 2...P-4d . NISHIO's moves means that he wanted a quiet opening include Furibisha . NISHIO selected Shiken Bisha , a kind of Furibisha , in this game .

TANAKA developped his camp without moving 4i Gold , this means he wanted to make Ibisha Anaguma . NISHIO also seemed to select Anaguma gakoi . He advanced his left Silver with S-5d before he shown his attitude about his Kakoi .

(diagram 2)

11.S-6f P-6d
12.G4i-5h G4a-5b
13.S-7h L-9b
14.P-9f K-9a
15.P-8f S-8b
16.S-8g G-7a
17.G-7h P-7d
18.P-9e G5b-6b
19.G5h-6h R-4a
20.L-9h P-3e
21.P-1f S-4e
22.S-5g G6b-7b
23.R-2f P-5d
24.K-9i R-4c
25.G-8h R-7c
26.G6h-7h P-7e
(diagram 2)

TANAKA protected his Bishop head with 11.S-6f to avoid advancing Gote's Silver with S-6e .
TANAKA made Hidari mino gakoi with 13.S-7h , and NISHIO started making Furibisha Anaguma with 13...L-9b . While NISHIO was making Anaguma , TANAKA deveopped his Hidari mino to Gin kanmuri . NISHIO completed his Anaguma gakoi , and TANAKA started further deveoppping the Gin kanmuri to Gin kanmuri Anaguma . TANAKA also completed his kakoi . NISHIO moved his Rook to 7c and exchaged 7th file Pawns .

(diagram 3)

27.Px7e Rx7e
28.P-2d Bx2d
29.Bx4d P*7g
30.G8hx7g P-3f
31.S-6f R-7c
32.Bx1a+ Sx5f
33.P*7d R-4c
34.L*4d R-6c
35.+Bx2a P-6e
36.S-7e B-5g+
37.S-7f P-6f
38.Sx6f Rx6f
39.Px6f P*6g
40.R-2h Px3g+
41.Nx3g P*4h
42.P-7c+ Sx7c
43.P-9d Px9d
44.P*9c Lx9c
45.P*9b Kx9b
46.P*9e Px9e
47.N*8e S-8d
48.+Bx5d P-6h+
49.G-8h S*7i
50.P*9d Lx9d
51.P*9c Nx9c
52.Nx9c+ Sx9c
53.N*8e Sx8h+
54.Kx8h S-6g+
55.K-8g N*8a
56.Rx2c+ +Sx7g
57.Nx7g G*9f
(diagram 3)

After 114 moves , NISHIO won the game .

May 24, 2009

Shogi Game record : IWANE becomes a challenger of Jo-oh title match . (Mynavi)

Shogi Game record : The 2nd Mynavi Joshi open : final

A final shogi game of Mynavi Joshi open tournament between NAKAMURA and IWANE started 9 March 2009 .

Sente: NAKAMURA Marika (Jo-ryu 2 dan)
Gote: IWANE Shinobu (Jo-ryu 1 dan)

(diagram 1)

1.P-7f P-3d
2.P-6f P-3e
3.S-7h R-3b
4.S-6g K-6b
5.B-7g S-4b
6.R-8h P-3f
7.Px3f Rx3f
8.S-3h S-7b
9.K-4h S-3c
10.P-8f K-7a
(diagram 1)

Both NAKAMURA and IWANE are Furibisha players , so that NAKAMURA closed her Bishop line with 2.P-6f to select Furibisha . IWANE advanced her 3rd file Pawn with 2...P-3e , and the game advanced Ai-Furibisha opening . IWANE selected Sanken Bisha with 3...R-3b and started making her Kakoi .

selected Mukai Bisha with 6.R-8h , after advanced her Bishop and left Silver . IWANE exchanged 3rd file Pawn and NAKAMURA also started making Mino gakoi .

(diagram 2)

11.P-8e R-3d
12.G6i-5h S-4d
13.P-8d Px8d
14.Rx8d P*8c
15.R-8f P*3f
16.S-5f B-3c
17.P-1f P-1d
18.P*3g P-1e
19.Px1e Lx1e
20.P*1f Lx1f
21.Lx1f P*1e
22.Px3f Px1f
23.S-3g P-1g+
24.Nx1g P*1f
25.N-2e B-1e
26.S-2f Bx2f
27.Px2f Rx3f
(diagram 2)

NAKAMURA advanced her 8th file Pawn with 11.P-8e and IWANE's Rook backed to 3d to disturb NAKAMURA's Pawn exchange for a while . Replying IWANE's 12...S-4d , NAKAMURA exchanged 8th file Pawns .

IWANE dropped a Pawn with 15...P*3f , to disturb NAKAMURA's camp advance . And IWANE started attacking in 1st file with 21...P-1e . Sacrificing her Bishop , IWANE continued attacking and she got an advantage .

(diagram 3)

28.P*8b Kx8b
29.P-7e P*3g
30.P-7d Px7d
31.B*4f P-6d
32.Bx6d S-7c
33.S-6e G-7b
34.Sx7d Sx6d
35.L*8e L*8d
36.Lx8d Px8d
37.P-6e Rx8f
38.Bx8f R*1h
39.K-5i S-7c
40.P*8c Gx8c
41.Sx8c+ Kx8c
42.P*7d Sx7d
43.R*7a P-3h+
44.Rx8a+ L*8b
45.Gx3h Rx3h+
46.G*4i +Rx4i
47.Kx4i B*2g
(diagram 3)

After 94 moves , IWANE won the game . And she becomes a challenger of Jo-o title match .

May 23, 2009

Shogi Game record : HABU beated KUBO's Gokigen Nakabisha . (NHK cup)

Shogi Game record : The 58th NHK cup TV shogi tournament semifinal ,

A semifinal shogi game of NHK cup tournament between HABU and KUBO was broadcasted 8 March 2009 .

Sente : HABU Yoshiharu (Meijin , Osho , Kisei , Oza)
Gote: KUBO Toshiaki (9 dan)

(diagram 1)

1.P-2f P-3d
2.P-7f P-5d
3.P-2e R-5b
4.G4i-5h K-6b
5.S-4h B-3c
6.Bx3c+ Nx3c
7.K-6h R-2b
8.K-7h S-4b
9.K-8h K-7b
10.L-9h K-8b
(diagram 1)

KUBO selected Gokigen Nakabisha as the opening of this game . HABU choiced Go-Hachi Kin kyusen line with 4.G4i-5h , but KUBO declined this line and made the game quiet with 4...K-6b .

KUBO moved his Bishop in an early stage of the game with 6...B-3c , and HABU immedately exchanged the Bishops with 7.Bx3c+ . After the Rook and left Silver's move , KUBO restarted making Kakoi with 9...K-7b . In the other hand , HABU started making Ibisha Anaguma with 10.L-9h .

(diagram 2)

11.K-9i S-7b
12.S-8h R-2a
13.P-3f S-5c
14.G5h-6h G-4b
15.G-7i P-9d
16.P-9f P-8d
17.S-3g P-4d
18.P-5f S-6d
19.S-4f P-7d
20.S-5g S-8c
21.S-6f G-7b
22.G6h-7h N-7c
23.R-3h Nx2e
(diagram 2)

KUBO completed Kata mino gakoi and HABU was making Ibisha Anaguma . KUBO advanced his kakoi to Kata Gin kanmuri , HABU aimed at KUBO's left Knight head with R-3h . KUBO's Knight escaped with capturing HABU's 2e Pawn .

(diagram 3)

24.P-3e B*2g
25.R-3i B-4e+
26.Px3d P*3f
27.P-3c+ Gx3c
28.B*4b G-3b
29.B-1e+ P-2d
30.+B-2f R-3a
31.+Bx3f G-4b
32.P*3d Rx3d
33.P*3e R-3a
34.+Bx4e Px4e
35.B*2b R-2a
36.P-3d B*2h
37.R-3f Bx1i+
38.P-3c+ G-5c
39.+P-4c Rx2b
40.R-3c+ R-2a
41.+Px5c Sx5c
42.+Rx5c L*9c
43.P-7e Px7e
44.G*6b Gx6b
45.+Rx6b G*7b
46.+R-3b R-8a
47.Sx7e P*7d
48.Sx7d Sx7d
49.P*7e S-8c
50.S*7d S*9b
51.P*3g B*6b
52.P-5e Px5e
53.G*5d +Bx2i
54.Gx6c P*6a
55.P*5d +Bx4g
56.P-5c+ Sx7d
57.Px7d +Bx7d
58.Gx7b Kx7b
59.S*6c +Bx6c
60.+Px6c Kx6c
61.+R-4c K-7b
62.B*6c K-8c
63.G*7d K-8b
64.Bx8a+ Kx8a
65.Gx7c Bx7c
66.+Rx7c G*7b
67.B*5d G*8b
68.Bx7b+ Gx7b
69.G*8b resigns
(diagram 3)

After 137 moves , HABU won the game .

May 22, 2009

Shogi Game record : KATSUMATA won over SATO Amahiko . (Ginga sen)

Shogi Game record : The 17th Ginga sen : F-block

A shogi game of Ginga sen F-block between SATO and KATSUMATA was broadcasted 7 March 2009 .

Sente: SATO Amahiko (4 dan)
Gote : KATSUMATA Kiyokazu (6 dan)

(diagram 1)

1.P-7f P-8d
2.S-6h P-3d
3.P-6f S-6b
4.P-5f P-5d
5.S-4h S-3b
6.G4i-5h G6a-5b
7.G-6g P-7d
8.S-7g K-4b
9.B-7i S-5c
10.P-3f P-6d
(diagram 1)

SATO selected Yagura opening with 2.S-6h , and KATSUMATA accepted it . KATSUMA moved 5...S-3b instead of 5...S-4b . He could advance the Bishop through 3a to 6d or 7e . SATO was making his Yagura gakoi with Hayagakoi castling . KATSUMATA moved the King with 8...K-4b .

(diagram 2)

11.P-3e Px3e
12.Bx3e N-7c
13.R-3h G-6c
14.B-2f K-3a
15.P-4f P-8e
16.G-7h R-5b
17.K-6i P-5e
18.Px5e Bx5e
19.S-4g B-4d
20.Bx4d Sx4d
21.P*5f P*5e
22.Px5e Sx5e
23.K-7i Sx4f
24.Sx4f R-5i+
25.K-8h +Rx2i
26.P*3i +Rx1i
(diagram 2)

SATO exchanged the 3rd file Pawns by his Bishop . KATSUMATA's King entered Mino gakoi with K-3a , and he turned his Rook in 5th file to attack here . After Bishop exchange , KATSUMATA advanced his right Silver to 5a , and sacrificing the Silver he successfully promoted his Rook with R-5i+ . KATSUMATA captured a Knight and a Lance by the promoted Rook .

(diagram 3)

27.S-4e B*4i
28.B*5e Bx3h+
29.Bx1i +Bx2g
30.S-5f L*5a
31.R*6a R*1h
32.B-4f P-8f
33.Sx8f Lx5f
34.S*5b +B-4e
35.Sx4a+ Sx4a
36.G*5b S*3b
37.Gx5f Rx7h+
38.Kx7h +Bx5f
39.L*6g +Bx4f
(diagram 3)

After 78 moves , KATSUMATA won the game .

May 21, 2009

Shogi News : GOUDA won the 4th game . (Meijin sen)

Shogi News: The 67th Meijin sen : 7 games title match

8:43 P.M. , 21 May 2009 after 86 moves GOUDA won the 4th game of this match . Then the score of this match becomes "HABU 2 --- 2 GOUDA" . They will have next game 2 & 3 June 2009 at Akita castle hotel , Akita .

Sente: HABU Yoshiharu (Meijin , Osho , Kisei , Oza)
Gote : GOUDA Masataka (9 dan)

(diagram 1)

1.P-2f P-8d
2.P-2e P-8e
3.G-7h G-3b
4.P-2d Px2d
5.Rx2d P*2c
6.R-2h P-9d
7.P-9f S-7b
8.S-3h P-3d
9.S-2g P-8f
10.Px8f Rx8f
11.P*8g R-8e
12.S-6h P-7d
13.S-3f P-7e
(diagram 1)

The game restarted with HABU's sealed move ; 14.P-5f .

(diagram 2)

15.P-4f S-4b
16.P-6f S-7c
17.S-6g S-7d
18.P-7f Px7f
19.Sx7f R-8d
20.P-6e P*7e
21.S-6g G-6b
22.B-5e N-7c
23.N-7g P-1d
24.P-1f P-5d
25.B-6f Nx6e
26.P-1e Nx7g+
27.Bx7g S-6e
28.P*2d Px2d
29.Rx2d P-7f
30.B-8f N-4e
(diagram 2)

GOUDA jumped his right Silver with 14...N-3c to avoid advance of HABU's Silver to 2e or 4e and this move anabled a line of GOUDA's Hineri Bisha . (example moves of Hineri Bisha line ; 15.S-5g P-1d , 16.S-6f B-1c , 17. other than B-7i P-3e , 18.S-2g R-8d )

HABU advanced Pawns of his camp and exchanged 7th file Pawns to use his Bishop . But GOUDA effectively used his right Knight and Silver . GOUDA jumped his left Silver and he seemed to get an slight advantage .

(diagram 3)

31.Rx3d P*3a
32.Sx4e Bx9i+
33.N*5g S-6f
34.N-6e L*4g
35.G-5h S-3c
(diagram 3)

GOUDA captured HABU's left Lance by the Bishop and dropping the Lance , he got a win advantage .

(diagram 4)

36.Gx4g Sx3d
37.Sx3d Sx6g+
38.Gx6g R*2h
39.G-4h +B-7g
40.Gx7g Px7g+
41.S*5b Gx5b
42.B*7c K-6a
43.Bx8d+ S*6h
(diagram 4)

After 86 mvoes , GOUDA won the game .

May 20, 2009

Shogi News : HABU selected Aigakari in this game . (Meijin sen)

Shogi News: The 67th Meijin sen : 7 games title match

The 4th game of Shogi Meijin sen 7 games title match between HABU and GOUDA started 9:00 A.M. , 20 May 2009 at Kongoubuji temple(English page) , Kouya san , Wakayama .

Sente: HABU Yoshiharu (Meijin , Osho , Kisei , Oza)
Gote : GOUDA Masataka (9 dan)

(diagram 1)

1.P-2f P-8d
2.P-2e P-8e
3.G-7h G-3b
4.P-2d Px2d
5.Rx2d P*2c
6.R-2h P-9d
(diagram 1)

HABU selected 1.P-7f as the opening move of this game . The move usually means , Sente player selects Ibisha . When Gote is also an Ibisha player , Sente wants an Aigakari game in most cases (, and in some cases he wants a Kakukawari game ) .

GOUDA naturally pushed his Rook Pawn with 1...P-8d and he shown his attitude that he would accept HABU's selection of the opening . HABU advanced his Rook Pawn with 2.P-2e and the opening was almost decided Aigakari opening .

After HABU exchanged the 2nd file Pawns by his Rook , he backed the Rook with 6.R-2h . GOUDA pushed 9th file Pawn with 6...P-9d , before his Rook Pawn exchange .

(diagram 2)

7.P-9f S-7b
8.S-3h P-3d
9.S-2g P-8f
10.Px8f Rx8f
11.P*8g R-8e
(diagram 2)

HABU also pushed 9th file Pawn with 7.P-9f and he advanced his right Silver with 9.S-2g . GOUDA exchanged the 8th file Pawns and he backed the Rook with 11...R-8e . This move is a relatively rare move .

(diagram 3)

12.S-6h P-7d
13.S-3f P-7e
(diagram 3)

HABU advanced his both Silvers with 12.S-6h and 13.S-3f . GOUDA advanced his 7th file Pawn with 13...P-7e . HABU sealed the 27th move and the game once stopped until next morning . The game will restart 9:00 A.M. , 21 May 2009 .

May 19, 2009

Shogi Game record : TOYOSHIMA beated KONDOU's Gokigen Nakabisha . (Ginga sen)

Shogi Game record : The 17th Ginga sen : E-block

A shogi game of Ginga sen E-block between TOYOSHIMA and KONDOU was broadcasted 5 March 2009 .

Sente: TOYOSHIMA Masayuki (4 dan)
Gote: KONDOU Masakazu (6 dan)

(diagram 1))

1.P-2f P-3d
2.P-7f P-5d
3.P-2e R-5b
4.G4i-5h P-9d
5.S-4h P-9e
6.K-6h K-6b
7.K-7h K-7b
8.P-3f K-8b
9.P-2d Px2d
10.Rx2d Bx8h+
11.Sx8h R-2b
12.P*2c R-5b
(diagram 1)

KONDOU is very famous as a Gokigen Nakabisha player . In this game , he also selected Gokigen Nakabisha . TOYOSHIMA selected Go-Hachi Kin Kyusen line with 4.G4i-5h , but KONDOU declined it with 4...P-9d .

Both players started making kakoi , and TOYOSHIMA exchanged 2nd file Pawns . KONDOU turned his Rook to 2b and aiming the Rook exchange . Because of the difference of both players camps , TOYOSHIMA declined the Rook exchange with 12.P*2c .

(diagram 2)

13.N-3g S-6b
14.S-7g G-7b
15.Rx3d B*2g
16.N-4e B-4i+
17.N-3c+ Nx3c
18.Rx3c+ R-3b
19.+Rx4c G-5a
20.N*3d R-5b
21.+R-4e S-3b
22.P-2b+ S-3c
23.+Px1a R-3b
24.P-3e +B-2g
25.+R-4c R-3a
26.+P-2a P*4b
27.+Px3a Px4c
28.+P-4a G-6a
29.+P-4b +B-4e
(diagram 2)

KONDOU made Kin mino gakoi , TOYOSHIMA advanced his left Silver with S-7g . Capturing 3d Pawn with 15.Rx3d and jumping right Knight with 16.N-4e , TOYOSHIMA attacked KONDOU's camp . In the other hand , KONDOU dropped and promoted his Bishop to attack . After some moves , TOYOSHIMA got an advantage .

(diagram 3)

30.R*3a G7b-7a
31.Rx3c+ N*8e
32.S*8f Nx7g+
33.Sx7g +B-4d
34.+R-3b R*2i
35.S-5i Rx1i+
36.+P-5b Gx5b
37.+Rx5b +R-1h
38.L*8f P-7d
39.N-4b+ P-9f
40.Px9f P*9g
41.+Nx4c +Bx3e
42.B*5c +Bx5c
43.+Nx5c S*6a
44.+Nx6b Sx5b
45.+Nx7a Kx7a
46.Lx8c+ K-6b
47.S*4b S-5c
48.B*7a resigns
(diagram 3)

After 95 moves , TOYOSHIMA won the game .

May 18, 2009

Shogi Game record : NAKAI won over KAI's Gokigen Nakabisha . (Jo-ryu Saikyou sen)

Shogi Game record : The 2nd Jo-ryu Saikyou sen : semifinal

A semifinal shogi game of Jo-ryu Saikyou sen tournament between NAKAI and KAI started , 1 March 2009 on the Net .

Sente: NAKAI Hiroe (Jo-ryu 6 dan)
Gote : KAI Tomomi (Jo-ryu 2 dan)

(diagram 1)

1.P-7f P-3d
2.P-2f P-5d
3.P-2e R-5b
4.Bx2b+ Sx2b
5.P-9f P-9d
6.S-7h K-6b
7.S-4h K-7b
8.P-4f K-8b
9.K-6h S-7b
10.K-7i S-3c
(diagram 1)

KAI selected Gokigen Nakabisha as the opening of this game . NAKAI selected MARUYAMA's vaccin with SATO's new move variation . KAI made Kata mino gakoi and NAKAI made Hidari mino gakoi .

(diagram 2)

11.S-4g P-8d
12.G4i-5h S-8c
13.P-6f G-7b
14.K-8h R-5a
15.P-8f G-3b
16.S-5f S-4d
17.S5f-6g N-3c
18.S-8g R-2a
19.G-7h G-4b
20.P-7e S-5e
21.G-4g S-6d
22.S6g-7f B*5c
23.N-7g Sx7e
(diagram 2)

KAI advanced her Kata mino gakoi to Kata Gin kanmuri . She backed her Rook to 5a and advanced her left Silver and Knight .

NAKAI also advanced her Hidari mino to Gin kanmuri and pushed the 7th file Pawn with P-7e . KAI advanced her left Silver to capture NAKAI's 7e Pawn . After dropping her Bishop with B*5c , KAI started attacking in 7th file with capturing 7e Pawn by a Silver .

(diagram 3)

24.Sx7e Bx7e
25.G-5f B-5c
26.P-3f P-7d
27.G-6e N-7c
28.P-2d Px2d
29.Gx5d B-7e
30.S*5e R-5a
31.P*7f B-6d
32.P-5f Rx5d
33.Sx5d P-8e
34.Rx2d Px8f
35.Sx8f Bx8f
36.R-2a+ P*8a
37.P*8d Sx8d
38.Sx6c+ S*8c
39.+Sx7b Sx7b
40.G*6b P*6a
41.Gx7b Kx7b
42.B*5d S*6c
43.Bx6c+ Kx6c
44.+Rx6a resigns
(diagram 3)

After 87 moves , NAKAI won the game .

May 17, 2009

Shogi Game record : KUBO beated NAMEKATA in Ai Furibisha game . (NHK cup)

Shogi Game record : The 58th NHK cup TV shogi tournament

A shogi game of NHK cup TV Shogi tournament between KUBO and NAMEKATA was broadcasted 1 March 2009 .

Sente: KUBO Toshiaki (8 dan)
Gote: NAMEKATA Hisashi (8 dan)

(diagram 1)

1.P-5f P-3d
2.R-5h R-3b
3.K-4h K-6b
4.S-6h S-7b
5.S-5g K-7a
6.K-3h G4a-5b
7.K-2h P-1d
8.L-1h P-3e
9.S-4f S-4b
10.P-5e P-4d
11.P-5d Px5d
12.Rx5d P-3f
13.Px3f Rx3f
(diagram 1)

KUBO is a famous Furibisha player and he also selected Nakabisha , one of the Furibisha(s) , in this game . NAMEKATA also selected Sanken Bisha , a kind of Furibisha with 2...R-3b . Then the opening of this game became Ai-Furibisha .

KUBO advanced his left Silver from 7i to 4f , and NAMEKATA made Mino gakoi . KUBO started making Anaguma . KUBO exchanged 5th file Pawns , and NAMEKATA also exchanged 3rd file Pawns .

(diagram 2)

14.P-9f K-8b
15.B-9g P*5c
16.R-5h B-1c
17.K-1i N-3c
18.S-2h P-1e
19.S4f-3g R-3d
20.S-2f P-4e
21.P*3e R-4d
22.R-5f P-4f
23.Rx4f R-5d
24.G6i-5h S-4c
25.P-8f P-2d
26.P-8e P-2e
27.S2f-3g Bx3e
28.R-3f S-3d
29.S-4f Bx4f
30.Rx4f S*3h
(diagram 2)

KUBO closed the hole of Anaguma gakoi with 18.S-2h . NAMEKATA advanced his left Silver , Knight and Bishop . After some moves , NAMEKATA seemed to break KUBO's camp with 30...S*3h .

(diagram 3)

31.G5h-4h Sx4i+
32.Gx4i P*4h
33.Gx4h R-5i+
34.P-8d +Rx4h
35.Px8c+ Sx8c
36.P*8d Sx8d
37.P*8c K-7b
38.R-4a+ G*7a
39.S*8b G*3h
40.B*3g +R-4i
41.P*3i Gx2i
42.Kx2i N-4e
43.Sx7a+ Kx8c
44.P*8e Nx3g=
45.K-1i Sx8e
46.B-7e K-7d
47.+R-4d N*5d
48.+R-5e P*8d
49.G*9e B*6e
50.Gx8d resigns
(diagram 3)

After 99 moves , KUBO won the game .

May 16, 2009

Shogi News : KIMURA becomes a challenger of Kisei . (Kisei sen)

Shogi News: The 80th Kisei sen , challenger determing tournament : final

A final game of Kisei sen challenger determing tournament between INABA and KIMURA started 7 May 2009 .

Sente: INABA Akira (4 dan)
Gote: KIMURA Kazuki (8 dan)

(diagram 1)

1.P-2f P-3d
2.P-7f G-3b
3.P-2e P-8d
4.G-7h Bx8h+
5.Sx8h S-2b
6.S-3h S-3c
7.K-6h S-7b
8.P-3f P-6d
9.S-3g S-6c
10.S-4f S-5d
(diagram 1)

KIMURA selected Ittezon Kakukawari as the opening of this game with 4...Bx8h+ . Ittezon Kakukawari is one of the Gote's effective strategies for these some years . INABA replied with Hayakuri Gin attacking formation and started attacking with 11.P-3e .

(diagram 2)

12.Sx3e P-8e
13.K-7i P-8f
14.Px8f Rx8f
15.P-2d Px2d
16.B*7g R-8b
17.P*3d S-2b
18.P*2c Gx2c
19.Sx2d Gx2d
20.P*8c R-6b
21.Rx2d S*4d
22.R-2h P-6e
23.B-5i P-1d
24.S-7g P-9d
25.P-7e P*3f
26.G*4f P*2c
27.Gx3f S5d-5e
28.B-3g P-6f
29.Px6f P*8f
(diagram 2)

INABA exchanged the 3rd file Pawns , KIMURA advanced his Rook Pawn with P-8e . After KIMURA's 8th file Pawn exchange , INABA attacked the left side of KIMURA's camp joining his Bishop with B*7g . KIMURA backed his Rook with R-8b to join defence by the Rook's power . INABA's P*8c means to make KIMURA give up attacking with the Rook . KIMURA turned his Rook with R-6b , and advanced the 6th file Pawn .

advanced his Bishop to 3g and KIMURA started attacking in 6th file of INABA's camp with P-6f .

(diagram 3)

30.G-4e Sx4e
31.Bx5e P-8g+
32.Gx8g B*6g
33.G-5i S-5d
34.S*5f B-8e+
35.Bx2b+ Rx2b
36.G-7f +B-4a
37.G-6h G*3e
38.P-3c+ Nx3c
39.S*4f G-3d
40.P*3b G-7a
41.R-3h P*3e
42.Sx3e P*3g
43.Rx3g N-4e
44.R-3h Gx3e
45.Sx4e Sx4e
46.P-3a+ +Bx3a
47.Rx3e S*3d
48.R-3h R-3b
49.N*6c K-4b
50.Nx7a+ N-9c
51.P-8b+ +B-1c
52.R-2h P*6g
53.Gx6g S*5f
54.Gx5f Sx5f
55.P*3e B*3i
56.R-1h Bx5g+
57.K-8h +B1cx3e
58.S*4f +B3ex4f
59.Px4f S-6g=
60.P*3c Rx3c
61.G*6h S*7i
62.K-8g S7ix6h=
63.B*6c Sx7g+
(diagram 3)

After 126 moves , KIMURA won the game and he becomes a challenger of Kisei sen title match .