May 9, 2009

Shogi Game record : UEDA won over ISHIBASHI . (Jo-ryu Saikyou sen)

Shogi Game record : The 2nd Jo-ryu Saikyou sen

A shogi game of Jo-ryu Saikyou sen between ISHIBASHI and UEDA started 15 February 2009 on the Net .

Sente : ISHIBASHI Sachio (Jo-ryu Oi )
Gote: UEDA Hatsumi ( Jo-ryu 2 dan)

(diagram 1)

1.P-7f P-3d
2.P-2f P-4d
3.S-4h S-3b
4.P-5f R-4b
5.K-6h K-6b
6.K-7h K-7b
7.S-5g K-8b
8.B-7g S-4c
9.G4i-5h L-9b
10.P-2e B-3c
(diagram 1)

UEDA selected standard closed Shiken Bisha as the opening of this game . ISHIBASHI replied with Ibisha and she started making Ibisha Anaguma with B-7g . UEDA also started making Furibisha Anaguma with L-9b .

(diagram 2)

11.K-8h K-9a
12.L-9h S-5d
13.P-6f P-6d
14.K-9i S-8b
15.S-8h G-7a
16.G-7i R-6b
17.G5h-6h G-5a
18.G6h-7h G5a-6a
19.P-3f P-4e
20.S-6h P-7d
21.P-2d Px2d
22.P-3e Px3e
23.P-6e Px6e
24.Bx3c+ Nx3c
25.B*4d N-2e
26.Bx5c+ S-6c
27.P*6d Sx6d
28.+Bx6b G6ax6b
29.R*2c P*5g
30.Rx2d+ P*2g
31.R-3h S6d-7c
32.+Rx2e P-6f
33.Sx5g P-4f
34.+Rx2g B*4i
35.Sx6f B*4e
36.+R-3g Bx3h+
37.+Rx3h Bx5f
(diagram 2)

Both players completed making their Anaguma gakoi , and ISHIBASHI started attacking with 2nd , 3rd and 6th file Pawn sacrifice . ISHIBASHI exchanged her promoted Bishop and UEDA's Rook . ISHIBASHI promoted her dropped Rook , UEDA counterattacked with her Pawns drop & sacrifice . Both players Anaguma still kept solid defence .

(diagram 3)

38.+R-5h P*5g
39.+Rx5g Bx7h+
40.Gx7h R*2h
41.B*4e P*5f
42.Bx5f Rx2i+
43.Px4f +Rx1i
44.B-2c+ +R-2h
45.+B-4e P*6e
46.S6f-7g N*6f
47.G-6h G*7h
48.P*6i Gx6h
49.Px6h N-5h+
50.+R-5a +Nx6h
51.P*2i +R-3h
52.B*1f +R-4h
53.Sx6h +Rx6h
54.G*7i L*6f
55.N*6c Gx6c
56.+Bx6c S*6b
57.B-6a+ Sx6c
58.+Bx7a Sx7a
59.+Rx7a B*4d
60.S*7b Sx7b
61.+Rx7b G*8b
62.N*6d Gx7b
63.Nx7b+ +Rx7i
64.Sx7i L-6h+
65.P*5e B*6f
66.S*8h B6fx5e
67.+Nx8a Kx8a
68.R*5a G*7a
69.G*7b Kx7b
70.G*6c Kx6c
71.G*5d K-7b
72.Gx5e +Lx7i
73.B*4e P*5d
74.Gx4d +Lx8i
75.Kx8i R*5i
76.L*7i S*6b
77.Rx5d+ Rx5d+
78.Gx5d K-8b
79.N*8e N*6f
80.B*5e N*6a
81.Nx7c+ Nx7c
82.G-6d S*7h
83.Lx7h R*5i
84.S*7i Nx7h+
85.Bx7h Rx5e+
86.P*6c +Rx6d
87.Px6b+ +Rx6b
88.P*6c +Rx6c
89.N*5e +R-5c
90.R*6c +Rx5e
91.S*6b G*7b
92.Sx7a= Kx7a
93.S*6d N*8e
94.K-9i N*7g
95.G*6h G*8i
96.Bx8i Nx8i+
97.Kx8i +R-5i
98.P*6i B*5f
99.G*6g +Rx6i
100.Gx5f N*7g
101.Sx7g Nx7g=
102.Gx7g L*8h
103.Kx8h S*9i
(diagram 3)

After 206 moves , UEDA won the game .

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