May 26, 2009

Shogi Game record : The 17th Ginga sen : H-Block

A Shogi game of Ginga sen H-block between TAKANO and CHUZA was broadcasted 14 March 2009 .

Sente : TAKANO Hideyuki (5 dan)
Gote : CHUZA Makoto (7 dan)

(diagram 1)

1.P-7f P-3d
2.P-2f P-8d
3.P-2e P-8e
4.G-7h G-3b
5.P-2d Px2d
6.Rx2d P-8f
7.Px8f Rx8f
8.Rx3d B-3c
9.R-3f S-2b
10.P*8g R-8e
11.R-2f K-4a
12.K-5h S-6b
13.P-3f G-5a
14.S-3h P-7d
15.N-3g N-7c
16.G-4h P*8f
(diagram 1)

CHUZA selected his favorite opening , Yokofutori . And TAKANO accepted it with 8.Rx3d .
CHUZA moved up the Bishop with 8...B-3c , and the game developped one of the most popular lines . Replying TAKANO's P-8g , CHUZA backed his Rook on 8e and the formation of his camp become Hachi-Go Hi senpou ; CHUZA Bisha . CHUZA made NAKAHARA gakoi and TAKANO selected Nakazumai Gyoku form with K-5h and S-3h formation . After jumped the right Knight with N-7c , CHUZA started attacking with Pawn dropping ; 16...P*8f .

(diagram 2)

17.Px8f Rx8f
18.P-3e P*2c
19.Bx3c+ Sx3c
20.S-8h S-4d
21.P-3d B*5d
22.S-8g R-8d
23.P*8f P-7e
24.Px7e P*3f
25.N-2e B-4e
26.N-3c= Nx3c
27.Px3c+ Sx3c
28.N*7d S-7a
29.P-9f P*8e
30.Px8e Rx8e
31.B*6f N*5d
32.B-5e S-7b
33.P-4f Rx7e
34.Px4e Rx5e
35.P*3d S-2b
36.B*7g R-7e
37.N-8b+ N-4f
(diagram 2)

Replying CHUZA's 8th file Pawn exchange , TAKANO protect the 7f Pawn by the side force of the 2f Rook with P-3e . CHUZA protected 2nd file with P*2c . After Bishop exchange , both players advanced their each left Silvers . CHUZA aimed at TAKANO's right Knight head by dropping the Bishop on 5d . Both players roughly attacked each other .

(diagram 3)

38.K-6h B*1e
39.P*2g Bx2f
40.Px2f Nx3h+
41.Gx3h R*4i
42.B*2a N-6e
43.Bx3b+ Kx3b
44.Bx2b+ K-4a
45.S*3b K-5b
46.Sx4c+ K-6b
47.P*7f Nx5g+
48.K-7g P*8f
49.Px7e Px8g+
50.Kx8g Rx8i+
51.+B-8h B*5d
52.N*7f Bx7f
53.Kx7f +Rx7h
54.+Bx7h N*6d
55.K-6e S*5f
56.K-5e G*5d
57.K-6f +Nx6g
58.+Bx6g G-6e
59.K-7g Sx6g+
60.Kx6g G-5f
61.K-5h B*7f
62.K-4h S*3g
63.K-5i resigns
(diagram 3)

After 125 mvoes , TAKANO won the game .

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