May 11, 2009

Shogi Game record : MURAYAMA beated NAKAMURA's Yonteme San-San Kaku senpou . (Ginga sen)

Shogi Game record : The 17th Ginga sen : B-block

A Shogi game Ginga sen B-block between MURAYAMA and NAKAMURA was broadcasted 21 February 2009 .

Sente: MURAYAMA Yasuaki (5 dan)
Gote: NAKAMURA Ryousuke (5 dan)

(diagram 1)

1.P-7f P-3d
2.P-2f B-3c
3.Bx3c+ Nx3c
4.K-6h R-4b
5.S-4h K-6b
6.K-7h K-7b
7.P-2e R-2b
8.B*7g S-4b
9.P-3f P-5d
10.S-3g B*4d
(diagram 1)

NAKAMURA selected Yonteme San-San Kaku senpou with 2...B-3c , as the opening of this game . MURAYAMA immediately exchanged the Bishops with 3.Bx3c+ . MURAYAMA moved up his King with 4.K-6h and NAKAMURA turned his Rook with 4...R-4b . This Rook moved again 7...R-2b . Why he didn't move the Rook directly 4...R-2b ? Becasuse ....see my other blog . The page will tell you why .

After NAKAMURA's King moved to 7b , he moved his Rook again with 7...R-2b . The King at 2b protected 8c Pawn and prevented the opponent's dropping the Bishop on 6e .

MURAYAMA dropped his Bishop with 7g and aimed to attack MURAYAMA's Knight's head with his right Silver . NAKAMURA also dropped the Bishop with B*4d to defend the left side of his camp .

(diagram 2)

11.P-6f K-8b
12.G4i-5h G4a-5b
13.S-4f P-6d
14.K-8h L-9b
15.L-9h K-9a
16.K-9i S-8b
17.S-8h G-7a
18.G-7i P-7d
19.G5h-6h G-6c
20.G6h-7h B-6b
21.R-6h B-4d
22.B-8f S-5c
23.P-6e Px6e
24.Rx6e R-6b
(diagram 2)

MURAYAMA closed his Bishop line with 11.P-6f and made the game quiet . Both players started making solid Kakoi , Ibisha Anaguma and Furibisha Anaguma .

After finished making their Anaguma , MURAYAMA turned his Rook to 6h and exchanged this file's Pawns . NAKAMURA also turned his Rook on 6th file with 24...R-6b .

(diagram 3)

25.P-3e G-7c
26.P*6c Rx6c
27.Rx6c+ Gx6c
28.Px3d Nx2e
29.P-3c+ Bx3c
30.R*6e S-6b
31.Rx2e P-2d
32.R-3e P*3b
33.N-3g R*4i
34.N-4e Bx8h+
35.G7ix8h P-4d
36.P*6d G-7c
37.N*6e Px4e
38.Nx7c+ S8bx7c
39.B*4d S*4c
40.Bx1a+ Px4f
41.L*6c P*6a
42.R-4e S*5b
43.Lx6b+ Px6b
44.S*6c Px6c
45.Px6c+ Sx6c
46.Rx4c+ P*6b
47.P*6d S-7b
48.S*6c S*6a
49.Sx7b= Sx7b
50.G*6c Px6c
51.Px6c+ Sx6c
52.+Rx6c G*8b
53.S*6d S*7b
54.+Rx7b G8bx7b
55.S*6c L*6a
56.Sx7b= Gx7b
57.Sx7c= Nx7c
58.S*5b R*8a
59.+B-4d S*6i
60.Sx6a= Rx6a
61.L*6d Sx7h+
62.Gx7h G*7i
63.Gx7i Rx7i+
64.Lx6a+ G*8a
65.S*8h S*7h
66.Sx7i Sx7i+
67.G*8h S*7h
68.R*4a N*5e
69.+L-6b resigns
(diagram 3)

After 137 mvoes , MURAYAMA won the game .

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