Aug 29, 2011

HABU sealed the 30th move

Shogi News ; The 52nd Oi sen ; 7 games title match

Around 6:00 P.M. , 29 August 2011 , HABU sealed the 30th move , and the game once stopped this evening . The game will restart next morning 9:00 A.M. , and will end next evening .

You can see the game nearly real time on the Net .
(Flash version , written in Japanese language)!/shogi_mobile
(twitter for explaining the game , written in Japaense language)
(blog about this title match , written in Japanese language)

Sente ; HIROSE Akihito (Oi)
Gote ; HABU Yoshiharu (Kisei , Oza)

(diagram 1)

1.P-7f P-3d
2.R-6h P-3e
3.Bx2b+ Sx2b
4.S-8h R-3b
5.B*6e B*5d
(diagram 1)

After both players opened the Bishop line with 1.P-7f P-3d , HIROSE ranged his Rook with 2.R-6h without closing the Bishop line . Until this move , the game will advance into Sente Shiken Bisha game or Sente open style Shiken Bisha game .

However , HABU advanced the 3rd file Pawn with 2...P-3e to show his attitude to want Ai Furibisha game . HIROSE exchanged the Bishops with 3.Bx2b+ , and against HABU's 4...R-3b , HIROSE dropped a Bishop with 5.B*6e forking the 4c and the 8c Pawns . HABU also dropped a Bishop with 5...B*5d to defend .

(diagram 2)

6.Bx5d Px5d
7.S-7g G-7b
8.G-4h S-6b
9.K-4i B*6d
10.P-6f P-7d
11.P-6e B-8b
12.G6i-5h P-3f
(diagram 2)

They exchanged the Bishops again and developed their each camp move by move . After some moves , HABU dropped a Bishop with 9...B*6d aiming at the 1i-Lance .

HIROSE advanced the 6th file onto 6e to drive away HABU's 6d-Bishop . But HABU's Bishop on 8b still threatening the 1i-Lance and HABU started attacking with 12...P-3f .

(diagram 3)

13.S-2h Px3g+
14.Gx3g S-3c
(diagram 3)

Against HABU's 12...P-3f , HIROSE moved up his right Silver with 13.S-2h . After the Pawn exchange in the 3rd file , HABU moved up his left Silver with 14...S-3c to join it into the battle .

Then HIROSE pushed the 7th file Pawn with 15.P-7e to start attacking . HABU sealed the 30th move and the game once stopped .

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