May 15, 2012

3rd game has just started ! (Mynavi Joshi open)

Shogi News : The 5th Mynavi Joshi open ; Jo-o 5 games title match

The 3rd game of the Mynavi Joshi open title match between UEDA Hatsumi and HASEGAWA Yuuki have just started 10:00 A.M. (JST) , 15 May 2012 at Jin'ya Ryokan , Hadano city , Kanagawa .

The score of this match is now "UEDA 2 --- 0 HASEGAWA" . UEDA needs only one more win before 3 continuous loses to defend her title . In the other hand , HASEGAWA needs 3 continuous wins before any more loses to get the title .

You can see the original game record on the Net .
(Flash version , written in Japanese language)
(Java version , written in Japanese language)
(The official site of the Mynavi Joshi open)
(The official blog of the Mynavi Joshi open)!/search/%23mynavishogi
(The twitter hash tag of Mynavi Joshi open /#mynavishogi)
(The Broadcast video LIVE by Nikoniko namahousou)

Sente : Ueda Hatsumi (Jo-o)
Gote : HASEGAWA Yuuki (Jo-ryu 2 dan)

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