Jul 11, 2017

SAITO beat HABU's Shiken Bisha

Shogi News ;

The 88th Kisei sen 5 games title match

The 3rd game of the Kisei sen title match between HABU Yoshiharu and SAITOU Shintaro had started 9:00 A.M. , 1st July 2017 .

You  can  see  the  game  record  on  the  Web  .
(Flash version ,  written  in  Japanese  language  )

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Sente:  SAITOU Shintaro (7 dan )
Gote : HABU Yoshiharu (Kisei)

diagram 1

1.P-7f   P-3d  
2.P-2f   P-4d  
3.P-2e   B-3c  
4.S-4h   R-4b
5.K-6h   S-7b  
6.P-5f   G4a-5b
7.K-7h   P-9d  
8.G4i-5h P-9e
 9.S-5g   S-3b  
10.P-3f   K-6b  
11.B-7g   P-7d  
12.K-8h   N-7c
13.P-6f   P-6d  
14.G-6g   P-4e  
15.G-7h   K-7a  
16.R-3h   B-4d
17.L-9h   S-4c  
18.R-2h   B-3c  
19.K-9i   S-5d  
20.S-8h   P-8d
(diagram 1)

HABU closed his Bishop line with 2...P-4d , and ranged his Rook with 4...R-4b , to make Shiken Bisha formation . While SAITOU was making Funa Gakoi , HABU advanced his camp along the FUJII system line .

SAITOU pushed the 3rd file Pawn with 10.P-3f , showing the offensive attitude . HABU moved up his King with 10...K-6b to castle the King ,  turning to common Shiken Bisha line .

Replying HABU's King move , SAITOU moved up the Bishop with 11.B-7g to start making Ibisha Anaguma .

HABU made his King castling Hon mono gakoi  and SAITOU completed his Ibisha Anaguma . Then SAITOU started attacking with 21.P-3e .

diagram 2

22.P-2d   Px2d  
23.P-6e   Nx6e  
24.Bx3c+  Nx3c
25.Rx2d   Nx5g+
26.Gx5g   P-4f  
27.Px4f   B*4h  
28.G5g-6g Rx4f
29.P-5e   S5d-6c
30.P-5d   Sx5d  
31.R-2a+  R-2f  
32.+R-4a  B-5i+
33.B*1e   Rx2i+
34.Bx3c+  N*5e  
35.G6g-7g S*6h  
36.+B-3d  Sx7g+
 (diagram 2)

SAITOU sacrificed the Pawns , opened his Bishop line with 23.P-6e facing the both Bishops . After the Bishop exchange , while HABU got the 5g-Silver , SAITOU broke the 2nd file .

Both players promoted their major pieces , and aimed at the opponent's Kakoi each other .

diagram 3

37.Gx7g   G*7i  
38.Sx7i   +Bx7g
39.S*8h   N-6g=
40.G*7c   Sx7c
41.+Bx5b  G*6b  
42.G*8c   G*7b  
43.+Bx6a  Gx6a  
44.G*5b   +Bx8h
45.Sx8h   +Rx8i
46.Kx8i   N-7i+
47.Kx7i   S*7h  
48.Kx7h   B*2c
49.N*6g   Bx4a  
50.Gx6a   Kx6a  
51.Gx7b   Kx7b  
52.R*4b   G*6b
53.S*8c   Kx8c  
54.N*7e   Px7e  
55.Nx7e   resigns
(diagram 3)

After 109 moves , SAITOU won the game .
Then the score of this match becomes , HABU 2 --- 1 SAITOU .

The next game of this match will start  9:00 A.M. (JST ) 11th July  2017 .
You  can  see  the  game  nearly real time  on  the  Web  .
(Flash version , written in Japanese language)

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