Jun 30, 2009

Shogi Game record : The game ended with draw by repetition . (NHK cup)

Shogi game record : The 59th NHK cup TV Shogi tournament

A shogi game of the NHK cup between ABE and YAGURA was broadcasted 26 April 2009 .

Sente : ABE Takashi (8 dan)
Gote : YAGURA Norihiro (6 dan)

(diagram 1)

1.P-7f P-3d
2.P-7e P-1d
3.R-7h P-1e
4.K-4h Bx8h+
5.Sx8h B*4e
(diagram 1)

ABE selected Haya ISHIDA opening with 2.P-7e , YAGURA replied with 2...P-1d . This line include some very rough game variations . If Sente dislike such lines , he should closed the Bishop with P-6f . In this game ABE ranged his Rook without closing the Bishop line . And YAGURA exchanged the Bishops and immediately dropped his one on 4e . This Bishop was aiming at both 2g & 6g Pawn . How did ABE reply ?

(diagram 2)

6.B*7f Bx2g+
7.Bx4c+ G-3b
8.+Bx3d P-1f
9.G-3h +B-5d
10.S-2h G-3c
11.+B-5f G-4d
12.P-7d Px7d
13.Rx7d P-6d
(diagram 2)

ABE also dropped a Bishop on 7f . This Bishop protcted 6g-Pawn and in the same time aimed at Gote's 4c-Pawn . If YAGURA protected 4c-Pawn with K-4b or G-3b , ABE would also protect 2g-Pawn with S-3h or another move . Then YAGURA captured 2g-Pawn and promoted his Bishop without protecting his 4c-Pawn . And ABE also captured 4c-Pawn and promoted his Bishop .

Once YAGURA moved up his left Gold and protect 2i-Knight and started attacking in the 1st file with 8...P-1f . ABE defend the right side of his camp with the right Gold & Silver . YAGURA advanced his left Golde . ABE exchanged the 7th file Pawns and tried to exchange the Rook and YAGURA's 5d-promoted Bishop . YAGURA declined it with 13...P-6d .

(diagram 3)

14.R-7e P*7d
15.R-7i G-5e
16.+B-3d R-4b
17.G-5h S-2b
18.Px1f G-4e
19.P-1e S-3c
20.+B-1f S-2d
21.+B-2g S-3e
22.+B-1f S-2d
23.+B-2g S-3e
24.+B-1f S-2d
25.+B-2g S-3e
26.+B-1f S-2d
(diagram 3)

After 52 moves the game ended with draw by repetition . And they soon had next game .

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