Mar 3, 2011

Gote Gokigen nakabisha ; Sente Chosoku San-Nana Gin senpou

Shogi Game record : The 32nd Jo-ryu Osho sen ; challenger deciding game

The shogi game of the Jo-ryu Osho sen challenger deciding game between UEDA Hatsumi and SATOMI Kana was broadcasted 6 November 2010 .

Sente : UEDA Hatsumi (Jo-ryu 2 dan)
Gote : SATOMI Kana (Jo-ryu Meijin , Kurahiski Tohka)

(diagram 1)

1.P-7f P-3d
2.P-2f P-5d
3.P-2e R-5b
4.S-4h P-5e
5.K-6h B-3c
6.P-3f S-4b
7.S-3g S-5c
8.S-4f S-4d
9.G4i-5h K-6b
10.K-7h K-7b
11.P-6f P-5f
12.Px5f Rx5f
13.P*5e Sx5e
14.G-6g Rx6f
15.Gx6f Sx6f
16.G-6h P*5f
17.R*6e S-5g+
(diagram 1)

SATOMI selected Gokigen Nakabisha as the opening of this game . UEDA selected Chosoku San-Nana Gin senpou as a counter-plan for Gokigen Nakabisha .

Replying UEDA's right Silver advance onto 4f , SATOMI also advanced the left Silver onto 4d . UEDA pushed the 6th file Pawn with 11.P-6f and she seemed to start making Ibisha Anaguma . SATOMI exchanged the 5th file Pawns , however UEDA naturally replied and seemed to get an advantage . SATOMI tried to continue attacking .

(diagram 2)

18.Sx5g Bx8h+
19.Sx8h B*3i
20.B*4e G4a-5b
21.Sx5f Bx2h+
22.P*6d P*5d
23.S*3g +Bx1i
24.Px6c+ Gx6c
25.P*6d G-5c
26.S-5e P*6b
27.Sx5d Gx5d
28.Bx5d K-8b
29.Bx4c+ G-7b
30.P*5d P*5b
31.+Bx5b S*5f
32.R-5e R*5i
33.Rx5f Rx5f+
34.P-6c+ Px6c
35.S*6a L*6d
36.P*6g R*5h
37.Gx5h +Rx5h
38.K-7g Lx6g+
39.K-8f G*8e
(diagram 2)

After 78 moves , SATOMI won the game .

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