Sep 22, 2009

Shogi game record : unclssified ; Gangi . (Asahi cup)

Shogi Game record : The 3rd Asahi cup shogi open : 1st preround

A shogi game of Asahi cup between KUMASAKA and NAKAI started 10:14 A.M. , 10 July 2009 .

You can see the original game record on the Net .
(Flash version , written in Japanese language)

Sente : KUMASAKA Manabu (4 dan)
Gote : NAKAI Hiroe (Jo-ryu 6 dan)

(diagram 1)

1.P-7f P-8d
2.P-1f P-3d
3.P-6f S-6b
4.S-7h P-5d
5.S-6g G6a-5b
6.P-1e K-4b
7.G-7h K-3b
8.S-4h S-4b
9.P-4f S-3c
10.S-4g B-3a
11.K-6i P-4d
12.S4g-5f G-4c
13.P-6e P-8e
14.R-4h P-8f
15.Px8f Bx8f
16.P*8g B-9e
(diagram 1)

KUMASAKA closed his Bishop line with 3.P-6f , and until the move , KUMASAKA seemed to select Furibisha . But KUMASAKA didn't move his Rook , and moved up the right Silver with 8.S-4h . S-4h after S-6g mainly shows , the player will select Migi Gyoku or Gangi . In this game , KUMASA selected a variation of Gangi , with Koshikakegin & Migi Shiken Bisha .

NAKAI was developing her Funa gakoi to Yagura gakoi , and exchanged the 8th file Pawns by her Bishop .

(diagram 2)

17.G-5h P-7d
18.P-3f B-7c
19.K-7i G4a-4b
20.N-3g S-5c
21.P-2f P-3e
22.N-2e Px3f
23.Nx3c+ G4bx3c
24.G-4g B-9e
25.S*6h P*8f
26.Px8f P*8g
27.Gx8g Bx8f
28.P*8d Rx8d
29.S-7h Bx6h+
30.Kx6h P*8f
31.B-6f S*7e
32.Bx7e Px7e
33.B*9e Px8g+
34.Bx8d +Px7h
35.Kx7h P-3g+
36.Gx3g B*5i
37.R-3h B-8f+
(diagram 2)

NAKAI pushed the 7th file Pawn and backed her Bishop with 18...B-7c to disturb KUMASAKA's attack . And she made Kata Yagura .

KUMASA was preparing an attack with 20.N-3g & 21.P-2f . NAKAI started attacking in the 3rd file : KUMASAKA's Knight head and Rook temple .

Exchanging NAKAI's Silver and KUMASAKA's Knight , NAKAI advanced her 3rd file Pawn with Px3f . KUMASAKA defend the 3rd file with 24.G-4g . But by the Gold's move , 5i-square became unprotected . NAKAI move her Bishop with 24...B-9e aiming at 5i-square . KUMASAKA defend with Silver drop on 6h . NAKAI attacked in the 8th file with sacrificing her Bishop .

KUMASA tried to defend , with sacrificing his Bishop . After some moves , NAKAI continued attacking with sacrificing her Rook , and she succeeded making a promoted Bishop .

(diagram 3)

38.S*7g G*8g
39.K-6i Gx7g
40.Nx7g N*6f
41.R*7a S-4b
42.Bx7e +Bx7e
43.Px7e B*4i
44.B*6g Bx3h+
45.Gx3h R*8h
46.G*6h P*7f
47.P*8i R-8g+
48.S-4g P-4e
49.Bx4e S*3d
50.B*4a K-2b
51.Bx3d G4cx3d
52.R-7b+ +Rx8i
(diagram 3)

After 104 moves , NAKAI won the game .

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