Dec 6, 2010

Gote YAGURA ryu Nakabisha + Anaguma gakoi vs Sente Ibisha Anaguma

Shogi Game record : The 19th Ginga sen ; H-block

A shogi game of the Ginga sen H-block SYOSHI Kazuharu and ENDOU Masaki (amateur) was broadcasted 28 October 2010

Sente : SHOSHI Kazuharu (7 dan)
Gote : ENDOU Masaki (amateur)

(diagram 1)

1.P-7f P-3d
2.P-2f P-4d
3.S-4h S-4b
4.P-5f P-5d
5.G4i-5h R-5b
6.K-6h K-6b
7.K-7h K-7b
8.S-5g K-8b
9.B-7g S-5c
10.P-2e B-3c
11.K-8h S-6d
12.S-6f L-9b
13.L-9h K-9a
14.K-9i S-8b
15.S-8h G-7a
16.G5h-6h P-7d
17.G6h-7h G-5a
18.P-3f G5a-6a
19.R-3h P-7e
20.Px7e R-7b
(diagram 1)

By 5...R-5b , ENDOU made Nakabisha formation in this game . SYOSHI moved up his Bishop with 9.B-7g to start making Ibisha Anaguma and ENDOU advanced his left Silver with 11...S-6d to aim at the 7g-Bishop's head .

After both players' King entered each Anaguma , ENDOU sacrificed the 7th file Pawn and swung back his Rook with 20...R-7b to attack the 7th file . SYOSHI also slid his Rook with 19.R-3h and started attacking with 21.P-3e .

(diagram 2)

22.Px3d B-5a
23.R-3e P*7f
24.B-5i Sx6f
25.Px6f B-7c
26.N-3g S*2f
27.R-3f Sx3g+
28.Bx3g Bx3g+
29.Rx3g B*2h
30.R-3e Bx1i+
31.B*5c +B-2i
32.S*5h P-5e
33.P-3c+ L*7c
34.S*8f N*7g
35.Nx7g Px7g+
36.S8hx7g Lx7g+
37.Sx7g S*6d
38.Bx6d+ Px6d
39.L*7f Rx7f
40.Sx7f L*7b
41.P*7e Px5f
42.N*6c P-5g+
43.Sx5g +Bx4g
44.P*5h P*7g
45.Gx7g B*4f
46.R-3i Bx5g+
47.Px5g N*8d
48.B*4c P-6e
49.Sx6e +Bx5g
50.R*3a P*7f
51.Sx7f P*5a
52.R-5i S*6h
53.Rx5g Sx5g=
54.Nx7a+ Gx7a
55.G*7i N*6d
56.Rx5a+ N8dx7f
57.Gx7f S*6h
58.S*8h Sx7i+
59.Gx7i R*5i
60.S*6i G*6a
61.+Rx2a Nx7f
62.Bx7f+ G*6h
63.B*3f Gx7i
64.Sx7i G*6h
65.G*8i Gx7i
66.Gx7i S*6h
67.G*8i Sx7i+
68.Gx7i G*6h
69.S*8h Gx7i
70.Sx7i G*6h
71.G*8i Gx6i
72.Bx6i Rx6i+
73.G*7h B*4e
74.N*6g S*6h
75.N*5c Sx7i+
76.G8ix7i +Rx7i
77.Gx7i G*6h
78.S*8h S*7h
79.Gx7h Gx7h
80.S*8i Gx8i
81.Kx8i Lx7e
82.+Bx7e Bx6g+
83.L*7h S-6h+
84.P*7i +Sx7i
(diagram 2)

After 168 moves , ENDOU won the game .

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