Sep 9, 2008

The 6th game of Oi sen started .

Shogi News; The 49th Oi sen 7 games match .

The 6th game of Oi sen 7 games match between FUKAURA and HABU started this morning/09 September 2008 at Jin'ya , Tsurumaki onsen , Hadano city , Kanagawa .

You can see this game on the Net .
(written in Japanese language , uses Java Script )

Sente; FUKAURA Kouichi (Oi)
Gote; HABU Yoshiharu (Meijin , Osho , Kisei , Oza)

(diagram 1)

1. P-7f P-3d
2. P-2f G-3b
3. G-7h P-4d
(diagram 1)

FUKAURA naturally opened Bishop line ; P-7f , and pushed the Rook's Pawn; P-2f . HABU replied the opening of "Ittezon Kakukawari " ; P-3d and G-3b . But after Fukaura's G-7h , HABU stopped his Bishop line;P-4d . Then the opening transpositioned to "Ittezon Shift" .

This line frequently advances a game of "Sente Yagura vs Gote Ginkanmuri " formation , this game also advances such a formation .

(diagram 2)

4. P-2e B-3c
5. S-4h G-5b
6. P-5f S-2b
7. B-6f G-4c
8. B-5g K-4a
9. K-6i P-5d
10. S-6h S-6i
11. G-5h S-5c
12. S-7g K-3a
(diagram 2)

FUKAURA immediately pushed his Rook's Pawn ;P-2e , because if he puts off this move , HABU will move S-4b and the opening will transposition to "Yagura"opening . In this line HABU can advance his camp without pushing his Rook's Pawn . Many proffesional shogi player think this line is not a good idea for Sente .

Replying FUKAURA's P-2e , HABU moved B-3c , this move is also must move . If he selects other move , Sente can exchange his Rook's Pawn ; P-2d , Px2d , Rx2d , while Gote can't exchange the Rook's Pawn .

HABU's moves G-5b,G-4c and S-2b means that he still trying making "Yagura" . After the 4d Pawn supported by 4c Gold , Bishop can move 4b or 5a , and Gote can set the left Silver at 3c , then Gote's Yagura is completed . FUKAURA disturbed this variation by showing Bishop exchange line ; B-6f-->B-5g .
Why FUKAURA exchanges the Bishops immediatly ? Because he can get 1 move , if he exchanges the Bishops after HABU's Bishop's move; 4b or 5a .

Now the game continues . They will stop this game this evening , and restart next morning .

You can see this game on the Net .
(written in Japanese language , uses Java Script )

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