Sep 28, 2008

MIURA beated FUJI's "Yagura" . (A class Jun'i sen)

Shogi News; The 67th Jun'i sen A class league .

A game of Jun'i sen "A" class league between FUJII and MIURA started 19 September 2008 at Shogi Kaikan , Tokyo .

Sente; FUJII Takeshi (9 dan)
Gote; MIURA Hiroyuki (8 dan)

(diagram 1)

1. P-7f P-3d
2. P-6f S-6b
3. S-6h G-(6a)5b
4. P-5f P-5d
5. S-4h S-3b
6. G-(4i)5h K-4b
(diagram 1)

FUJII opened the Bishop line; P-7f , and just after MIURA's P-3d he reclosed the line ;P-6f . FUJII someteimes selects "Yagura" opening recently because his former favorit opening "FUJII system" has been unuseful recently .

MIURA selected careful moves , against FUJII's selection whether Yagura or Furibisha .

FUJII showed that he selected "Yagura" opening with S-4h and G-(4i)5h .

(diagram 2)

7. G-6g P-7d
8. P-3f K-3a
9. G-7h S-5c
10. K-6i P-5e
11. S-5g Px5f
12. Sx5f P-6d
13. R-5h G-6c
14. K-7i R-5b
15. B-7g N-7c
16. S-4e P-7e
(diagram 2)

MIURA made "Hidari mino" and moved in 5th file . If FUJII replied 11.Px5e , perhps MIURA advanced Bx5e -->B-7c and if he can and wanted S-3c -->G-3b .

FUJII advanced his right Silver replying MIURA's capturing 5th file Pawn . MIURA started attacking with P-7e .

After 82 moves until S*6f MIURA won this game .
Both players score of this league is
FUJII 1-2 .

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