Sep 23, 2008

MIURA beated KUSHIDA with "Sanken Bisha".(Ginga sen)

Shogi News; The 16th Ginga sen tournament .

A game of Ginga sen tournament between KUSHIDA and MIURA was broadcasted 13 September 2008 .

Sente; KUSHIDA Youichi (6 dan)
Gote; MIURA Hiroyuki (8 dan)

(diagram 1)

1. P-7f P-3d
2. P-6f P-5d
3. S-6h S-4b
4. S-6g S-5c
5. P-2f R-3b
(diagram 1)

KUSHIDA is a famous "Furibisha" player especially he likes "Shiken Bisha" very well . But he sometimes uses "Ibisha" when his opponent selects "Furibisha" .

In the other hand , MIURA is an "Ibisha" player basically , but he selects "Furibisha " in many cases . Perhaps he is one of the first top Shogi professionals who use the opening called "Kakukoukan Furibisha" or "Nite zon Furibisha" .

KUSHIDA opened his Bishop line ; P-7f , and replying MIURA's P-3d KUSHIDA closed his Bishop line ;P-6f . This moves set shows KUSHIDA like a quiet game , and the opening seemed to advanced "Ai Furibisha" . But KUSHIDA pushed his Rook Pawn ; P-2f , and he shown his attitude that he selected "Ibisha" in this game . MIURA moved his Rook to 3b and his form became "Sanken Bisha" .

(diagram 2)

6. P-2e B-3c
7. S-4h K-6b
8. K-6h K-7b
9. K-7h K-8b
10. P-5f G-(4a)5b
11. G-(4i)5h L-9b
12. P-7e K-9a
13. S-7f S-8b
14. G-6g G-7a
15. P-6e P-4d
16. B-6f P-3e
17. P-1f B-5a
18. R-2f R-3d
19. K-8h G-(5b)6b
20. G-7h G-(6b)7b
21. P-9f N-3c
22. S-5g P-4e
23. S-6h S-4d
24. S-7c B-6b
25. R-2g P-3f
(diagram 2)

Both Players started making their Kakoi . KUSHIDA advanced his 7th file Pawn to 5 rank and get "Kurai" position . He made "Gin tachi Yagura" and the tactics is called "Gyokutou Kuraidori senpou" .
MIURA made "Anaguma gakoi" and made his attacking piecies to "ISHIDA ryu " formation , and he opened the battle .

(diagram 3)

26. P-2d Px3g+
27. Rx3g P*3f
28. R-2g Px2d
29. P*2c N-2e
30. P-2b+ P-5e
31. +P-2c Px5f
32. R-2h P-3g+
33. +Px2d Rx2d
34. Nx3g P*2g
35. Rx2g P*2f
36. Rx2f S-5e
37. Rx2e Rx2e
38. Nx2e Sx6f
39. Sx6f R*3h
40. P-6d B-3e
41. P*5h Rx5h
42. S*6h B*2d
43. S-(6f)7g P-5g+
44. Sx5g Bx5g+
45. Gx5g Bx5g+
46. B*6h S*6i
47. R*7i Sx7h+
48. Rx7h +B-5f
49. S*5i R-6i
50. resign
(diagram 3)

After 98 moves until R-6i , MIURA won this game .


Tony said...

Is the Ginga champion become the challenger of a title?

I understand that Meijinsen, Juni'sen A B C1 C2 is to find the Meijin challenger.

yamajunn said...

Thank you for your question .
I'm glad that you have an interest in Shogi .

The answer of your question is "No" . Ginga sen has not a title match .This is only one year limited tournament . The 15th Ginga sen champion "WATANABE" has already lost in the 16th Ginga sen .

There are 7 Shogi title matchs .
"Ryuo" (or Ryuou)
"Osho"(or Oushou)
"Oi"(or Oui)
"Kio"(or Kiou)
"Oza"(or Ouza)
are the 7 titles .

Now (25 Sep. 2008) the title holders are
HABU Yoshiharu (Meijin, Osho , Kisei, Oza)
WATANABE Akira (Ryuo)
FUKAURA Kouichi (Oi)
SATO Yasumitsu (Kio) .

If you'd like to know more information about shogi , don't afraid asking me .

Tony said...

Thank you for the detailed information.