Nov 12, 2008

5th game has just started .(Jo-ryu Oi sen);Shogi News

Shogi News; The 19th Jo-ryu Oi sen .

The 5th game of Jo-ryu Oi sen 5 games title match between ISHIBASHI and SHIMIZU has just started 10:00 A.M. 12 November 2008 at Shogi Kaikan , Tokyo .

The game will end this evening , and winner of this game get the 19th Jo-ryu Oi .

You can see the game nearly real time on the Net .
(Java script version , written in Japanese language )
(Text version , written in Japanese language)

Sente;ISHIBASHI Sachio (Jo-ryu Oi)
Gote; SHIMIZU Ichiyo (Jo-ryu Osho , Kurashiki Touka)

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