Nov 4, 2008

MIURA won over TAMURA .(Asahi cup)

Shogi News; 2nd Asahi cup shogi open .

A game of Asahi cup between MIURA and TAMURA started 24 October 2008 .

You can see the game record on the Net .
(Flash version , written in Japanese language)
(Java version , written in Japanese language)

Sente; MIURA Hiroyuki (8 dan)
Gote; TAMURA Kousuke (6 dan)

(diagram 1)

1. P-7f G-3b
2. P-5f P-3d
3. P-5e S-4b
4. R-5h S-6b
5. K-4h P-5d
(diagram 1)

Just after MIURA naturaly opened his Bishop line ; P-7f , TAMURA set his left Gold at 3b . This move is relatively rare one , because of some reasons .
  1. If Sente selects "Furibisha" , Gote has some difficulty to make his castle .
  2. Gote's center around 5th file becomes weak once .
Then , MUIRA selected "Nakabisha" and aimed to attack TAMURA's weak 5th file . But TAMURA opened a battle in 5th file;P-5d very very early stage of game .

If MIURA replied 6.Px5d , TAMURA would advanced the moves like following ones ; 6...Bx8h+ 7.Sx8h B*4e , and Sente couldn't prevent Gote's Bishop promotion at both 2g and 6g in same time .

(diagram 2)

6. K-3h Px5e
7. Bx5e Bx5e
8. Rx5e K-4a
9. R-5i P-1d
10. S-6h P-8d
11. G-7h P-8e
12. K-2h P-1e
13. S-3h K-3a
14. N-7g P-8f
15. Px8f Rx8f
16. B*7e B*8g
(diagram 2)

MIURA made his King more safety by K-3h . Replying TAMURA's Px5e , MIURA exchanged Bishops in 5th file and backed his Rook at 5i . MIURA completed "Mino gakoi" ; S-3h , TAMURA also made his King more safety by K-3a .

TAMURA tried exchanging his Rook Pawn;P-8f , but this move was careless one . MIURA got advantage by Bishop dropping at 7e . TAMURA also dropped his Bishop at 8g as a counterattack .

(diagram 3)

17. Bx8f Bx7h+
18. N-6e P-6d
19. R*8d G-7a
20. Rx6d P*8e
21. B-7g P*6f
22. P*5c Px6g+
23. Bx1a+ +Bx6h
24. L*2b Gx2b
25. P-5b+ S*3c
26. +Px4b Sx4b
27. R-5b+ S-(6b)5a
28. S*5c +B-2d
29. +R-4a Kx4a
30. +Bx2b resign
(diagram 3)

After 59 moves , MIURA won this game .


Stefan said...

Tank you for all these game records! Just a beginners question: Could not Gote continue the fight with 30... +B-3c?

yamajunn said...

Thank you for your comment , Stefan !

If TAMURA moves 30...+B-3c , KIMURA will move 31.Sx4b+ and KIMURA won this game , even if TAMURA captures 4b promoted Silver with any pieces .

I show all reply after 31. Sx4b.

(1)31...Kx4b 32.S*5c K-4a 33.G*3a mate

(2)31...Sx4b 32.S*5b Kx5b 33.P*5c Sx5c 34.Nx5c+ Kx5c 35.G*6c K-4b 36.S*5c mate

(3)31...+Bx4b 32.N-5c= +Bx5c 33.G*3b K-5b 34.S*4a mate