Nov 28, 2008

FUKAURA won over MIURA in Ittezon Kakukawari game .(Jun'i sen);Shogi News

Shogi News; The 67th Jun'i sen A-class league .

A game of Jun'i sen A-class league between MIURA and FUKAURA started 7 November 2008.

Sente; MIURA Hiroyuki (8 dan)
Gote; FUKAURA Kouichi (Oi)

(diagram 1)

1.P-7f P-3d
2.P-2f G-3b
3.P-2e P-8d
4.G-7h Bx8h+
5.Sx8h S-2b
6.K-6h S-3c
7.S-3h S-6b
8.S-7g P-6d
9.G-5h S-6c
10.K-7i P-9d
11.P-9f P-4d
(diagram 1)

FUKAURA choiced "Ittezon Kakukawari" ; 2...G-3b , as the opening of this game . But the beggining of this game is something interesting . MIURA puehed 3.P-2e , an early Rook Pawn push without G-7h .

I think MIURA perhaps wanted to advance the opening without G-7h . But FUKAURA didn't exchange Bishop ; 3...Bx8h , but he moved 3...P-8d . If MIURA still wanted to advance his camp without G-7h , his selectable move was P-2d and the game would transpositon to "Aigakari" or "Yokofutori" . Then MIURA moved 4.G-7h , and the game advanced common variation .

In addition to above , another interesting point of the opening exist . MIURA hadn't move his right Silver in early stage of game . In diagram 1 , MIURA still could select his strategy of opening include "Bou Gin" , "Hayakuri Gin" , " Koshikake Gin" .

(diagram 2)

12.P-4f G-5b
13.S-4g K-4b
14.S-5f S-5d
15.P-3f K-3a
16.N-3g P-1d
17.P-1f P-7d
18.P-6f N-7c
19.K-8h G5b-4c
20.R-4h K-2b

MIURA selected "Koshikake Gin" in this game . Both player's King enterd their each "Yagura gakoi" . After moving R-4h , MIURA started attacking with B*5a .

After 120 moves , until Rx7i+ , FUKAURA won this game .

Then the score of both players in this league has become
MIURA 3 - 2
FUKAURA 2 - 3 .


Anonymous said...

Hello ! I am a great fan of your blog, reading it everyday. Wouldt it be possible to have the complete score of the game, instead of just the beginning ? Thank you very much

yamajunn said...

Thank you for your comment .

Why I don't complete some shogi game records ? Because the copyright of Shogi game record is unclear .

If they are same as chess game records , I can freely show all game records . But Japanese Shogi Association says "Please don't make game records on public freely ".

Now I am in confusion that I can show all records or not .

So I complete game records , that you can see witout any fee on the Net or that are broadcasted on TV , include "Asahi cup" , "Daiwa Shouken cup" , "Ginga sen" , "NHK cup" and ' major 7 title matchs .

You can see game records of Jun'i sen with some fee .
(Japanese language version only)

If the situation change , I will show more detail .

Thank you .