Nov 24, 2008

SATO won over TANIGAWA's Ittezon Kakukawari with Hayakurigin .(Jun'i sen) ; Shogi News

Shogi News; The 67th Jun'i sen A-class league .

A game of Jun'i sen A-class league between SATO and TANIGAWA started 5 November 2008 .

Sente; SATO Yasumitsu (Kio)
Gote; TANIGAWA Kouji (9 dan)

(diagram 1)

1.P-7f P-3d
2.P-2f G-3b
3.P-2e Bx8h+
4.Sx8h S-2b
5.S-3h S-3c
6.P-3f S-6b
7.S-3g P-6d
8.S-4f S-6c

TANIGAWA choiced "Ittezon Kakukawari" as the opening of this game , and SATO selected "Hayakuri Gin" .

In this game , SATO pushed P-2e without G-7h . Why he select 3.P-2e ? Perhaps he wanted to try a move in this game . What is the move ?

(diagram 2)

9.S-7g S-5d
10.K-6h P-8d
11.P-3e Px3e
12.Sx3e P-8e
13.K-7i P-8f
14.Px8f P*8e
15.Px8e Rx8e
16.S-4f P*8f
17.P*8h B*9b
18.B*9f R-8b
19.G4i-5h P-9d
20.B-7h B-7d
21.P-6f P-9e
22.P-5f P-4d
23.P-7e B-6c
24.G-5g P-7d
25.P-5e S-4c
26.Px7d Bx7d
27.S-3e P*3d
28.S-4f K-4b
29.S-7f K-3a
30.G-6h G-5b
31.G-7g P-5d
32.S-7e B-8e
33.P*7f G-5c
34.Sx8f B-6c
35.P-8g K-2b
36.K-8h N-7c

SATO prepared "Hayakuri Gin" attacking ; S-4f , and TANIGAWA replied with "Koshikake Gin" formation ; S-5d . After King's move , SATO started attacking .

(SATO must move K-6h or P-1f , before attacking . Please see my blog ;Yamajunn's Shogi Opening traps)

After 3rd file Pawn exchange , replying TANIGAWA's P-8e , SATO defended the left side of his camp once before further attacking ; K-7i . In this game , SATO perhaps wanted to try this move ; K-7i . Instead of this move , G-7h is more natural , but in the line after G-7h , Sente will get worse position . (see my blog ; Yamajunn' Shogi Opening traps)

By K-7i , Sente can avoid a fork , after attacking with P-3e .

Both players advanced their own camps .

After 145 moves , until S*1e , SATO won this game .

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