Dec 4, 2008

HORIGUCHI won over SUZUKI's Nakabisha. ( Asahi cup) ; Shogi News

Shogi News; The 2nd Asahi cup Shogi open ; 2nd preround .

A game of Asahi cup Shogi open preround between SUZUKI and HORIGUCHI started 2:00 P.M. 7 November 2008 .

You can see the game reocrd on the Net .
(Flash version , written in Japanese language)

Sente; SUZUKI Daisuke (8 dan)
Gote; HORIGUCHI Kazushiza (7 dan)

(diagram 1)

1.P-7f P-3d
2.P-1f P-8d
3.P-5f P-8e
4.R-5h Bx8h+
5.Sx8h G6a-5b
6.K-4h K-4b
7.K-3h S-6b
8.K-2h P-6d
9.S-3h S-6c
10.S-7g K-3b
(diagram 1)

SUZUKI choiced "Gokigen Nakabisha" in this game . But in this game , SUZUKI played as Sente , but "Gokigen Nakabisha" is mainly Gote's strategy . Then SUZUKI pushed P-1f in early stage of the game and he could advance the opening "Gokigen Nakabisha". In more correctly saying , I should call it reversed "Gokigen Nakabisha" with P-1f .

HORIGUCHI choiced "Go-Hachi Kin kyusen" ; 5...G6a-5b variation . Since SUZUKI dislike this variation , one of the most rough variation in "Gokigen Nakabisha" , he made the game more quiet one by 6.K-4h . SUZUKI completed "Mino gakoi" .

(diagram 2)

11.R-8h B*5g
12.B*6f Bx6f+
13.Sx6f K-2b
14.N-7g L-1b
15.R-8i K-1a
16.G-6h S-2b
17.Nx8e S-5d
18.P-8f S-6e
19.Sx6e Px6e
20.B*4f P-6f

SUZUKI turned his Rook to 8h; "Mukai Bisha" and advancing his attacking formation , and HORIGUCHI started making "Ibisha Anaguma" . SUZUKI started attacking with Nx8e , before HORIGUCHI's "Ibisha Anaguma" became very solid .

HORIGUCHI's reply had effective counter attack . If SUZUKI captured 21.Px6f HORIGUCHI perhaps thought the line 21...S*6g , 22.Gx6g B*7h .

(diagram 3)

21.Nx7c+ R-8d
22.Px6f B*3e
23.Bx3e Px3e
24.B*4f P-3f
25.Px3f S*4e
26.+N-6c Gx6c
27.Bx9a+ N*2d
28.L*3g N-7c
29.S*2e Sx5f
30.P-8e R-6d
31.P-8d Rx6f
32.P*6i P*3e
33.P-8c+ B*5e
34.+Px7c Px3f
35.N*3d Px3g+
36.Nx3g G-3b
37.R-8b+ P*6b
38.+Px6c P*3f
39.+Rx6b Px3g+
40.Sx3g Bx9a
41.+Rx3b Bx3g+
42.Kx3g N*4e
43.K-4h Rx6h+
44.Px6h B*3g
45.K-5h S*6g

After 90 moves HORIGUCHI won the game .

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