Dec 23, 2008

Shogi News; MORISHITA won the final game . (JT Shogi Nihon series)

Shogi News; 2008 JT shogi Nihon series tournament final

The shogi game of JT shogi Nihon series tournament final between FUKAURA and MORISHITA started 22 November 2008

You can see the game record on the Net .
(Flash and text version , written in Japanese language)

Sente; FUKAURA Kouichi (Oi)
Gote; MORISHITA Taku (9 dan)

(diagram 1)

1.P-7f P-8d
2.P-2f G-3b
3.G-7h P-8e
4.B-7g P-3d
5.S-8h S-6b
6.P-2e P-5d
(diagram 1)

FUKAURA started the game with "Kakukawari" opening ;1.P-7f P-8d 2.P-2f , and MORISHITA seemed to accept it ;2...G-3b 3.G-7h P-8e. But MORISHITA didn't exchange Bishop . He advanced his right Silver and pushed center Pawn ; P-5d .

(diagram 2)

7.P-2d Px2d
8.Rx2d S-5c
9.R-2h P*2c
10.S-4h P-5e
11.G-5h S-5d
12.K-6i K-4a
13.P-4f S-4b
14.S-4g P-7d
15.B-5i P-7e
16.Px7e R-7b
17.S-7g Rx7e
18.P*7f R-7d
19.P-6f P-6d
20.G5h-6g N-7c
21.K-7i K-3a
22.S-5h P-6e
23.Px6e Sx6e
24.P*6f S-5d
25.P-3f B-4d
26.K-8h G-5a
27.P-9f P-9d
28.P-1f R-8d
29.N-3g P-1d
30.P-3e Bx3e
31.S-4g P*6e
32.S-3f B-4d
33.P-1e Px1e
34.P*1c P-1f
(diagram 2)

FUKAURA exchanged his Rook Pawn , MORISHITA got the Kurai of 5th file ;P-5e and suported it with his right Silver . FUKAURA made "Yagura gakoi" to defend from opponent's attack in front . In the other hand , MORISHITA made "Kani gakoi" .

After some moves , the battle opened in 6th file and it spreaded in 1st file .

(diagram 3)

35.R-2g Lx1c
36.N-2e P-1g+
37.R-3g L-1f
38.Px6e P-8f
39.Px8f P*8e
40.P*3c Nx3c
41.Nx3c+ Sx3c
42.N*2e Px8f
43.Nx3c+ Bx3c
44.S-2e N*4b
45.S*7e R-8a
46.P*8d B-1e
47.R-3i Bx5i+
48.Rx5i B*4g
49.Sx3d P*3c
50.S-4e Sx4e
51.B*7b R-8b
52.Bx4e+ S*5h
53.P*2d Px2d
54.R-3i Sx6g+
55.+Bx6g +P-2h
56.R-4i B-3h+
57.Lx1f +Bx1f
58.P-8c+ Rx8c
59.L*8d R-9c
60.S*8b +Bx4i
61.+Bx4i R*6i
62.B*6g P*6f
63.S7ex6f L*8e
64.Sx8f Lx8f
65.P*8g Lx8g+
66.Gx8g P*8f
67.Gx8f S*7i
68.K-8g Rx4i+
69.Sx9c+ B*6i
70.L*7h G*8h
71.K-9g Bx7h+
72.R*1a L*2a
73.Bx7h Gx7h
74.B*1d S-8h=
75.K-8g +Rx8i
76.Bx3b+ Kx3b
77.R-1b+ L-2b
78.G*2c K-4a
79.+R-2a K-5b
80.S*5c Kx5c
81.+Rx5a N*5b
(diagram 3)

After 162 moves , MORISHITA won this game .

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