Dec 20, 2008

Shogi News; KAI beated KUMAKURA in Ai Furibisha game .(Daiwa shoken cup)

Shogi News; The 2nd Daiwa Shouken cup Jo-ryu Saikyou sen .

A shogi game of Jo-ryu Saikyou sen between KUMAKURA and KAI started 16 November 2008 on the Net .

Sente; KUMAKURA Shino (Jo-ryu 1 kyu)
Gote; KAI Tomomi (Jo-ryu 2 dan)

(diagram 1)

1.P-7f P-3d
2.P-6f B-3c
3.S-6h R-2b
4.S-6g S-4b
5.B-7g K-6b
6.R-8h P-2d
7.K-4h P-2e
8.S-3h P-1d
9.P-8f K-7b
(diagram 1)

Both KUMAKURA and KAI are "Furibisha" players , then the game advanced "Ai Furibisha" . The opening moves set of "1.P-7f P-3d2.P-6f B-3c" is one of the most common opening of "Ai Furibisha" . In this moves set , Gote are going to make her formation "Mukai Bisha" .

In this game , KUMAKURA made "Mino gakoi" and KAI advanced her Rook Pawn earlier . "Mino gakoi" has a weak point in front .

(diagram 2)

10.P-8e P-2f
11.Px2f Rx2f
12.P*2g R-2d
13.K-3i P-1e
14.G6i-5h G4a-5b
15.P-7e P-3e
16.S-5f N-1c
17.P-6e N-2e
18.Bx3c+ Sx3c
19.K-2h Nx1g+
20.Kx1g P-1f
21.K-2h P-1g+
22.Nx1g P*1h
23.Lx1h P*1f
24.N-2e Rx2e
25.P-6d P-3f
(diagram 2)

KAI exchanged 2nd file Pawn before made her Kakoi completed . KAI advanced her 1st file Pawn to 5th rank and started attacking with her left Knight . Then KUMAKURA must defend her camp without effective attacking to her opponent's camp .

(diagram 3)

26.N*2i P-1g+
27.Nx1g N*1f
28.K-3i Px3g+
29.Sx3g Rx2g+
30.G-3h +Rx1h
31.Px6c+ Gx6c
32.P*6d +R-1i
33.P*2i Gx6d
34.P-8d B*1h
35.B*4e Bx4e+
36.Px8c+ K-6b
37.Sx4e B*1h
(diagram 3)

After 74 moves , KAI won the game .

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