Dec 12, 2008

Shogi News; KIMURA won over MARUYAMA with Ittezon Kakukawari . (Jun'i sen)

Shogi News; The 67th Jun'i sen A-class league .

A game of Jun'i sen A-class league between MARUYAMA and KIMURA started 13 November 2008 .

Sente; MARUYAMA Tadahisa (9 dan)
Gote; KIMURA Kazuki (8 dan)

(diagram 1)

1.P-7f G-3b
2.P-2f P-3d
3.P-2e Bx8h+
4.Sx8h S-2b
5.S-3h S-3c
6.S-7g S-6b
7.K-6h G-5b
8.P-3f P-6d
9.S-3g P-4d
10.S-4f G5b-4c

KIMURA selected "Ittezon Kakukawari" as the opening of this game . MARUYAMA pushed P-2e before G-7h . Perhaps he thought the similer line seen in MIURA and KIMURA's game .

But KIMURA didn't slect this line , he made "Yagura gakoi" formation before pushing his Rook Pawn . In other words , KIMURA choiced deffensive strategy instead of counter attacking one in the early stage of the game .

(diagram 2)

11.P-3e P-4e
12.Sx4e Px3e
13.P-4f K-4b
14.G4i-5h S-6c
15.G-7h K-3a
16.P-9f P-9d
17.K-7i P-8d
18.S-6f P*4d
19.S-5f G-3d
20.S-7g P-1d
21.P-1f K-2b
22.K-8h P-7d
23.P-6f N-7c
24.S-8f R-6b
25.R-4h P-6e
26.Px6e S-5d
27.B*7a R-5b
28.P-6d P-9e
29.Px9e N-8e
(diagram 2)

MARUYAMA started attacking with P-3e , but KIMURA's camp was solid enough and difficult to break easily . Then MARUYAMA advanced his camp further more . After both players King entered in "Yagura gakoi" , the battle was open .

After 108 moves KIMURA won this game .

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