Jan 17, 2009

Shogi News; HABU sealed the 66th move .(Osho sen)

Shogi News; The 58th Osho sen 7 games title match .

The 1st game of Shogi Osho sen between HABU and FUKAURA has stopped at 6:00 P.M. with HABU's sealed move .

You can see the game nearly real time on the Net .
(Flash version , written in Japanese language )

Sente; FUKAURA Kouichi (Oi )
Gote; HABU Yoshiharu (Meijin , Osho , Kisei , Oza)

(diagram 1)

1.P-7f P-8d
2.P-2f G-3b
3.G-7h P-8e
4.B-7g P-3d
5.S-8h Bx7g+
6.Sx7g S-4b
7.S-3h S-7b
8.P-4f P-6d
9.S-4g S-6c
10.K-6h S-5d

FUKAURA aimed at "Kakukawari" opening with 2.P-2f , and HABU accepted it with 3...P-8e . Both player started advancing their each camp "Koshikakegin" formation .

(diagram 2)

11.S-5f P-4d
12.G-5h G-5b
13.P-9f P-9d
14.P-1f P-1d
15.P-3f K-4a
16.K-7i K-3a
17.P-6f P-7d
18.N-3g N-7c
19.P-2e S-3c

They advanced the position one of the most common in Kakukawari game . The position of diagram 2 sometimes called "Kakukawari Koshikakegin doukei" .

The position has appeared since more than 50 years ago . Some attacking line exist include "MASUDA Joseki" , "MARUYAMA-HATAKEYAMA line" . The most common variation recently is "HORIGUCHI Kouji line" .

(diagram 3)

21.P-2d Px2d
22.P-1e Px1e
23.P-7e Px7e
24.P-3e S-4d
25.Rx2d P*2c
26.R-2f G-6c
27.P*7d Gx7d
28.Px3d P-7f
29.Sx7f P-8f
30.Px8f P*8h
31.Kx8h Rx8f
32.S-8g R-8a

FUKAURA selected "HORIGUCHI Kouji line" in this game with 26.R-2f , and he continued attacking .

The game will restart next morning and will end the evening .

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