Jan 19, 2009

Shogi News; KUBO beated KIMURA with Nakabisha . (Kio sen)

Shogi News; The 34th Kio sen ; Challenger determinating tournament .

The shogi game of Kio sen challenger determinating tournament between KUBO and KIMURA started 26 December 2008 .

You can see the game record on the Net .
(Flash version , written in Japanese language )
(Java version , written in Japanese language)

Sente; KUBO Toshiaki (8 dan)
Gote; KIMURA Kazuki (8 dan)

(diagram 1)

1.P-5f P-8d
2.P-7f P-8e
3.B-7g P-5d
4.R-5h S-6b
5.K-4h K-4b
6.K-3h P-3d
7.S-6h S-5c
8.K-2h Bx7g+
9.Sx7g S-6d
(diagram 1)

KUBO aimed at "Nakabisha" , and KIMURA replied early Pawn advance with P-8e and P-5d . KUBO completed "Wanpaku Nakabisha" formation . KIMURA exchanged Bishops and had an early advance of the right Silver with S-6d .

(diagram 2)

10.S-3h K-3b
11.R-5i S-4b
12.G-7h P-7d
13.P-1f P-1d
14.P-6f P-4d
15.P-6e Sx6e
16.S-6h Sx7f
17.P-5e G4a-5b
18.Px5d G-4c
19.P-4f P*5e
20.N-7g P-8f
21.Px8f Rx8f
(diagram 2)

KUBO completed his "Mino gakoi" (Kata mino) with S-3h and threatened KIMURA's 6d Silver with P-6f . KUBO forced KIMURA's Silver to advance the left side of the board and aimed to attack 4th and 5th file of KIMURA's camp . The idea behined this tactics seems similar to gambits of the chess opening .

(diagram 3)

22.P-4e Gx5d
23.P*5f Px4e
24.Px5e G-4d
25.P-5d P*5b
26.P*4c Kx4c
27.S-6g Sx6g=
28.Gx6g P-6d
29.S*2b N-3c
30.B*7f Rx7f
31.Gx7f G-5a
32.R*8c K-3b
33.Sx3c+ Sx3c
34.P-5c+ B*6h
35.N*3f resigns

After 69 moves , KUBO won this game .

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