Jul 26, 2009

Shogi Game record : ITODANI won over NAKATA's Sanken Bisha . (NHK cup)

Shogi Game record : The 59th NHK cup TV Shogi tournament

A shogi game of NHK cup Shogi tournament between ITODANI and NAKATA Isao was broadcasted 24 May 2009 .

Sente : ITODANI Tetsurou (5 dan)
Gote : NAKATA Isao (7 dan)

(diagram 1)

1.P-7f P-3d
2.P-2f P-4d
3.P-2e B-3c
4.S-4h R-3b
5.K-6h K-6b
6.K-7h S-4b
7.P-5f P-5d
8.B-7g G4a-5b
9.K-8h S-7b
10.L-9h P-6d
(diagram 1)

NAKATA Isao ia famous as his unique Sanken Bisha . His style of Sanken Bisha is called Koh-yan ryu . Koh-yan is his nick name . The characterisctic feature of Koh-yan ryu Sanken Bisha against Ibisha Anaguma is making an attack formation around King side before complete Kakoi .

In this game , NAKATA selected Sanken Bisha as usual . ITODANI selected Ibisha Anaguma , the most effective counter plan against Sanken Bisha . NAKATA's camp ,advancing the 6th file Pawn without finished the Kakoi , is a beggining of koh-yan ryu .

(diagram 2)

11.K-9i P-7d
12.S-8h K-7a
13.S-5g G-6c
14.B-6h S-5c
15.G4i-5i P-9d
16.G-7h P-6e
(diagram 2)

ITODANI's King entered the Anaguma's hole with 11.K-9i , gathering all Golds and Silvers near the King . NAKATA developped the right side of his camp higher . NAKATA advanced the 6th file Pawn with 16...P-6e . The mvoe is one of the characteristic moves of Koh-yan ryu Sanken Bisha .

Because ITODANI dislike allow NAKATA to keep the 6e-Pawn , he pushed the 6th file Pawn with 17.P-6f .

(diagram 3)

18.B-8f P-6g+
19.Gx6g P-8d
20.G-6i P-8e
21.B-5i P-3e
22.S-6f N-7c
23.P-1f P-4e
24.G-7h S-6d
25.B-7g K-8b
26.P-2d Px2d
27.P*6e Nx6e
28.Sx6e Sx6e
29.Bx3c+ Rx3c
30.Rx2d P*6f
31.G6g-7g P-7e
32.Rx2a+ Px7f
(diagram 3)

NAKATA captured the 6f-Pawn with 17...Px6f . ITODANI moved his Bishop without capturing the Pawn . After promoting & sacrificing the 6th file Pawn with 18...P-6g+ , NAKATA advanced the 8th file Pawn to drive away the 8f-Bishop .

NAKATA advanced the 3rd and 4th file Pawns and completed Taka mino gakoi . After all Golds and Silvers joined the Anaguma gakoi , ITODANI started attacking with 26.P-2d .

After roughly attacking each other , ITODANI made a promoted Rook and dropped a Knight on 7e . His attack seemed faster than NAKATA's attack with 32...Px7f .

(diagram 4)

34.P*6b G-7a
35.B*4d G-8a
36.Gx6f Sx6f
37.Bx6f R-4c
38.N*6e G-7d
39.P*7c P*6a
40.Px7b+ Gx7b
41.+Rx6a Gx6e
42.S*8c Gx8c
43.Nx8c+ Kx8c
44.G*8d K-8b
45.S*7a K-8a
46.P*7c resigns
(diagram 4)

After 91 moves , ITODANI won the game .

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