Jul 13, 2009

Shogi News : KIMURA sealed the 44th move . (Kisei sen)

Shogi News : The 50th Oi sen : 7 games title match .

The 1st game of the 50th Oi sen 7 games title match between FUKAURA and KIMURA has once stopped in this evening , with KIMURA's sealed move . The game will restart next morning 9:00 A.M. 14 July 2009 .

You can see the game record on the Net .
(diagram version , written in Japanese language )
(text version , written in Japanese laguage)

Sente : FUKAURA Kouichi (Oi )
Gote : KIMURA Kazuki (8 dan)

(diagram 1)

1.P-7f P-8d
2.P-5f P-3d
3.P-5e S-6b
4.R-5h K-4b
(diagram 1)

The game started with FUKAURA's move 1.P-7f . Since FUKAURA is basicaly a Ibisha player , he seemed to want a Yagura or Kakukawari game . KIMURA shown his attitude to accept FUKAURA's choice with 1...P-8d .

But FUKAURA moved 2.P-5f , instead of 2.S-6h (Yagura) or 2.P-2f (Kakukawari) . The move 2.P-5f is a beginning of Rikisen Furibisha . FUKAURA somtimes selects Rikisen Furibisha include ISHIDA ryu and Gokigen Nakabisha .

In this game , KIMURA opened his Bishop line with 2...P-3d , before advancing his Pawns to 8e & 5d . Then FUKAURA could get a Kurai of the 5th file with P-5e and the opening became Sente Gosuji Kuraidori Nakabisha .

(diagram 2)

5.K-4h K-3b
6.G-6h G6a-5b
7.G-5g P-8e
8.B-7g P-7d
9.G-5f S-7c
10.G-4e S-6d
11.R-5f P-8f
12.Px8f S-4b
(diagram 2)

KIMURA completed Funa gakoi with 6...G6a-5b . But FUKAURA only moved up his King with 5. K-4h and advanced his left Gold to 4e without complete his Kakoi.

KIMURA advanced his right Silver to 6d and threatened FUKAURA's 7g-Bishop's head . FUKAURA floated his Rook with 11.R-5f aiming at KIMURA's king directly in front . After sacrifice 1 Pawn with 11...P-8f , KIMURA moved another Silver with S-4b to defend the King's head .

(diagram 3)

13.Gx3d S-3c
14.Gx3c Bx3c
15.R-3f G*4e
(diagram 3)

FUKAURA captured the 3d-Pawn by 4e-Gold , and the Gold was exchanged with KIMURA's Silver . FUKAURA's Rook turned to 3f , in front of KIMURA's King . KIMURA dropped a Gold in hand with 15...G*4e , not only to defend the King's head but also to attac FUKAURA's Rook .

(diagram 4)

16.R-3d G-4d
17.R-3f G-4e
18.R-3d G-4d
19.R-3f G-4e
20.R-3d G-4d
21.R-3f N-7c
22.B-6h sealed
(diagram 4)

FUKAURA's Rook escaped with R-3d . KIMURA's Gold chased the Rook for a while . The game seemed to end with a draw by repetition . But KIMURA's changed the move 21...N-7c instead of G-4e . Perhaps KIMURA had something good position .

KIMURA sealed the 44th move , and the game once stopped today . The game will restart next morning .

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