Oct 13, 2010

Aigakari Koshikakegin

Shogi Game record : The 60th NHK cup TV Shogi tournament

A shogi game of the NHK cup TV Shogi tournament between SHIMIZU and HORIGUCHI Kazushiza was broadcasted 1 August 2010 .

You can see the original game record on the Net .
(Diagram version , written in Japanese language)

Sente : SHIMIZU Ichiyo (Jo-ryu Osho)
Gote : HORIGUCHI Kazushiza (7 dan)

(diagram 1)

1.P-2f P-8d
2.P-2e P-8e
3.G-7h G-3b
4.P-2d Px2d
5.Rx2d P*2c
6.R-2f S-7b
7.P-1f P-1d
8.S-3h P-6d
9.P-7f P-8f
10.Px8f Rx8f
11.P*8g R-8b
12.P-4f S-6c
13.S-4g P-3d
14.K-6h S-5d
15.G-5h G-5b
16.S-5f K-4b
17.P-9f P-9d
18.P-3f R-6b
19.R-2e R-8b
20.N-3g P-7d
(diagram 1)

SHIMIZU selected Aigakari as the opening of this game . After the 2nd file Pawn exchange , SHIMIZU backed her Rook with 6.R-2f and both players made Koshikakegin formation .

HORIGUCHI ranged his Rook with 18...R-6b , a very effective strategy in Aigakari Koshikakegin game . SHIMIZU moved up her Rook with 19.R-2e and started attacking with 21.P-3e .

(diagram 2)

22.Sx8h S-2b
23.R-2f Px3e
24.G-4h S-3c
25.P-1e Px1e
26.S-4e S-5e
27.B*7g S5e-4d
28.P*3d S-2b
29.Sx4d Px4d
30.P-4e S*3f
31.S*4f N-7c
32.Sx3e Sx3g=
33.Gx3g B*4h
34.R-3f N-6e
35.B-6f N*5d
36.G-4g Nx6f
37.Px6f B*2e
38.Gx4h Bx3f
39.Px6e R*6i
40.K-7g Rx8i+
41.S*7i B-6i+
42.B*7c R-8a
43.N*5f Px6e
44.P*6f N*8e
45.K-8f +B-5i
46.N*6h +Rx7h
47.Sx7h +Bx6h
(diagram 2)

After 94 moves , HORIGUCHI won the game .

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