Nov 27, 2010

Sente Gosuji Kuraidori Nakabisha vs Gote Migi Gyoku

Shogi Game record : The 4th Mynavi Joshi open ; pre-round

A shogi game of the Mynavi Joshi open pre-round between YAMADA Akemi and TAKAMURE Sachiko started 4:00 P.M. (JST) , 17 July 2010

You can see the original game record on the Net .
(Java version , written in Japanese language)
(Flash version , written in Japanese language)

Sente : YAMADA Akemi (Jo-ryu 2 dan)
Gote : TAKAMURE Sachiko (Jo-ryu 3 dan)

(diagram 1)

1.P-7f P-8d
2.P-5f P-8e
3.B-7g S-6b
4.P-5e P-6d
5.R-5h S-6c
6.S-6h P-3d
7.S-5g P-7d
8.S-5f P-4d
9.P-4f S-4b
10.K-4h S-4c
11.K-3h N-3c
12.K-2h P-1d
13.P-1f N-7c
14.S-3h K-6b
15.P-4e Px4e
16.Sx4e Nx4e
(diagram 1)

YAMADA made Gosuji Kuraidori Nakabisha form and completed Kata mino gakkoi . While TAKAMURE was making Migyoku form , YAMADA started attacking with 15.P-4e . YAMADA sacrificed her Silver and continued attacking the 5th file with 17.P-5d attacking the 2b-Bishop in the same time .

(diagram 2)

18.Bx4d Sx4d
19.B*2b B*3e
20.P*4f Sx5d
21.Px4e S4dx4e
22.P-7e K-6c
23.Bx1a+ Px7e
24.L*5g N-6e
25.Lx5d Sx5d
26.N*6f S-4c
27.+B-5e N-5g+
28.+B-4e K-5b
29.+Bx3e +Nx5h
30.G6ix5h Px3e
31.N*5e G-3b
32.B*7c R-9b
33.Bx6d+ S-4d
34.P*5d L*6b
35.S*6c Lx6c
36.Nx6c+ K-4c
37.Px5c+ K-3d
38.+P-5d S-3c
39.+B-4f S*4e
40.+B-7i P*5g
41.Gx5g P*5f
42.G-4f B*5g
43.Gx4e Kx4e
44.P*4f K-3d
45.+Bx5g K-2d
46.+B-4g P*4h
47.+Bx1d Kx1d
48.L*1e K-2d
49.B*1c K-3d
50.S*4e K-2e
51.P-2f resigns
(diagram 2)

After 102 moves , YAMADA won the game .

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