Feb 9, 2011

KUBO sealed the 58th move ! (The 3rd game of the Osho sen title match)

Shogi News : The 60th Osho sen ; 7 games title match

Around 6:00 P.M. (JST) , 9 February 2011 , KUBO sealed the 58th move and the game once stopped this evening . The game will restart next morning and will end the next evening .

You can see the original game record on the Net .
(Flash version , written in Japanese language)

Sente : TOYOSHIMA Masayuki (6 dan)
Gote : KUBO Toshiaki (Osho , Kio)

(diagram 1)

1.P-2f P-3d
2.P-7f P-5d
3.P-2e R-5b
4.S-4h P-5e
5.K-6h B-3c
6.P-3f K-6b
7.S-3g K-7b
8.S-4f S-3b
9.K-7h P-5f
(diagram 1)

By 3...R-5b , KUBO selected Gokigen Nakabisha again . TOYOSHIMA quickly advanced his right Silver onto 4f making Chosoku San-Nana Gin senpou attacking form .

KUBO moved up his left Silver with 8...S-3b to strengthen his camp . Replying TOYOSHIMA's 9.K-7h , KUBO pushed the 5th file Pawn with 9...P-5f to exchange the Pawns .

(diagram 2)

10.Bx3c+ Sx3c
11.Px5f Rx5f
12.P-2d Px2d
13.B*6e R-5a
14.Bx4c+ P*4e
15.S-3g B*3b
16.+Bx3b Gx3b
17.R-5h P*5e
18.G-6h K-8b
19.S-8h S-7b
20.S-7g P-6d
21.P-9f P-5f
(diagram 2)

TOYOSHIMA exchanged the Bishops with 10.Bx3c+ and captured the 5f-Pawn with 11.Px5f . KUBO captured back the 5f-Pawn with 11...Rx5f .

After sacrificing the 2nd file Pawn , TOYOSHIMA dropped a Bishop with 13.B*6e forking the 5f-Rook and the 4c-Pawn . KUBO let his Rook escape with 13...R-5a and TOYOSHIMA made his Bishop promoted with 14.Bx4c+ .

After driving away TOYOSHIMA's 4f-Silver with 14...P*4e , KUBO also dropped a Bishop with 15...B*3b to remove TOYOSHIMA's promoted Bishop by the exchange .

TOYOSHIMA swung his Rook with 17.R-5b facing the Rooks and KUBO dropped a Pawn with 17...P*5e to decline the Rook exchange .

KUBO made Kata mino gakoi and TOYOSHIMA also made his Kakoi strengthen . Replying KUBO's Pawn advance with 21...P-5f , TOYOSHIMA dropped a Pawn with 22.P*5b attacking KUBO's Rook .

(diagram 3)

23.B*4a R-4b
24.B-8e+ S-4d
25.Rx5f P-4f
26.Sx4f B*2h
27.P*5d P*5b
28.N-3g Bx1i+
(diagram 3)

After some moves , TOYOSHIMA succeeded to make a promoted Bishop . Sacrificing the 4th file Pawn , KUBO also dropped a Bishop and made it promoted with 28...Bx1i+ .

KUBO sealed the 58th move and the game once stopped this evening .

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