Aug 13, 2008

Shogi News; Ginga sen , KUBO won with "Gokigen Nakabisha" .

Shogi News; The 16th Ginga sen tournament

A game of Ginga sen tournament between KUBO and TOYOSHIMA broadcasted 9 August 2008 .

Sente; TOYOSHIMA Masayuki (4 dan)
Gote; KUBO Toshiaki (8 dan)

(diagram 1)

1. P-2f P-3d
2. P-7f P-5d
3. P-2e R-5b
4. G-5h(4i) K-6b
5. S-4h B-3c
6. Bx3c+ Nx3c
(diagram 1)

KUBO led the opening to "Gokigen Nakabisha". Replying it TOYOSHIMA selected the variation of "Go Hachi Kin Kyusen" , but KUBO declined a variation of rough game , he select a quiet game ; K-6b . ( more detail of "Go Hachi Kin kyuusen" , see ; )

TOYOSHIMA defend the central (around 5th file) , by 5h Gold and 4h Silver . KUBO moved B-3c and TOYOSHIMA immediatly exchanged the Bishops . If TOYOSHIMA didn't exchange , KUBO perhaps moves S-4b and his formation will become the similer to "Wanpaku Nakabisha" .

(diagram 2)

7. K-6h R-2b
8. P-4f S-4b
9. S-4g K-7b
10. K-7h K-8b
11. K-8h S-7b
12. G-7h R-2a
13. S-5f Nx2e
(diagram 2)

KUBO ranged his Rook to 2b; "Mukai Bisha", and made "Mino gakoi" . TOYOSHIMA also started making his castle , perhaps he thought to make "Ibisha Anaguma" . KUBO suddenly started attacking Nx2e ; so called "Ni-Go Kei Pon senpou " attacking .

After 114 moves until G'7i , KUBO won this game .

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