Aug 14, 2008

Shogi News; Ryuo sen tournament; HABU won over FUKAURA .

Shogi News; The 21st Ryuo sen tournament .

A game of Ryuo sen tournament between FUKAURA and HABU started 13 August 2008 at Shogi kaikan , Tokyo .

Sente; FUKAURA Kouichi (Oi)
Gote; HABU Yoshiharu (Meijin , Osho , Kisei , Oza)

(diagram 1)

1. P-7f P-3d
2. P-2f P-9d
3. P-2e P-9e
4. G-7h Bx8h+
5. Sx8h S-2b
6. K-6h S-3c
(diagram 1 )

HABU led the opening to "Yonteme Kyu-Yon Fu"; 2...P-9d . FUKAURA replyed with natural moves . HABU exchanged the Bishop and developed his left Silver .

(diagram 2)

7. S-3h R-4b
8. P-4f K-6b
9. S-4g K-7b
10. P-3f R-2b
11. N-3g G-5b(4a)
12. R-2i S-8b!
13. G-4h P-8d
14. P-8f P-7d
15. S-8g G-6b(6a)
16. N-7g P-6d
17. P-9f
(diagram 2)

HABU ranged his Rook to 4b and started making a castle . After moving his King to 7b , he ranged his Rook again to 2b . The opening became "Kakukoukan Furibisha"( or also called "Nitezon Furibisha") .

HABU choiced relatively rare castle in this opening , his choice was "Kin musou" (or also called "Nimai Kin gakoi") . Shogi players usually select this castle in "Ai Furibisha "opening , not in "Furibisha" opening .

FUKAURA seemed to select natural moves , but his development of the right Knight was relatively early stage . FUKAURA backed his Rook to 2i , he shown the "Chikatetsu Bisha" attacking tactics ; Subway Rook . "Chikatetsu Bisha"; Subway Rook , measns the using way of Rook on the 1st rank , like R-2i ---> R-9i . Then FUKAURA started attacking ; P-9f .

10:21 P.M. after 106 moves until S-5e , HABU won this game .
You can see the game record on the Net.

HABU will have next game of this tournament with MARUYAMA , 19 August 2008 .

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