Aug 26, 2008

Shogi News; Oi sen 5th game started .

Shogi News; The 49th Oi sen 7 games match .

The 5th game of Oi sen 7 games match between FUKAURA and HABU started 26 August 2008 at Tokushima City , Tokushima .

You can see this game record on the Net ; (JAVA version) (Text version )

Sente; HABU Yoshiharu (Meijin , Osho , Kisei , Oza)
Gote; FUKAURA Kouichi (Oi)

(diagram 1)

1. P-7f P-8d
2. S-6h P-3d
3. P-6f S-6b
4. P-5f P-5d
5. S-4h S-4b
6. G-5h(4i) G-3b
7. G-7h G-5b
8. K-6i S-3c
9. S-7g B-3a
10. P-3f P-4d
11. B-7i G-4c(5b)
12. G-6g(5h) K-4a
13. S-3g B-6d
(diagram 1)

HABU led the opening to "Yagura", and FUKAURA accepted it . Both player advanced his camp move by move . The opening advanced "Ai Yagura " , HABU choiced "San-Nana Gin senpou"; S-3g variation . FUKAURA's reply was "Roku-Yon Kaku gata"; B-6d formation .

(diagram 2)

14. B-6h K-3a
15. K-7i P-7d
16. K-8h K-2b
17. S-4f P-8e
18. N-3g S-5c
19. P-2f P-1d
20. P-1f S-2d
21. R-3h P-9d
22. L-1h B-7c
(diagram 2)

Yagura "San-Nana Gin senpou" has several variations . Some of them are
  1. "KATOU ryu"
  2. "Yon-Roku Gin San-Nana Kei senpou"
  3. "WAKI system"
HABU selected "Yon-Roku Gin San-Nana Kei senpou" . FUKAURA made the defence and counterattack formation . In diagram 2 if HABU want to attack FUKAURA's camp , HABU will move N-2e or P-3e . But both attacking way is not effective . For this reason HABU tried making his King safer .

(diagram 3)

23. L-9h S-4b
24. K-9i B-6d
25. P-6e B-7c
26. N-2e N-3c
27. P-1e Px1e
28. P-3e Px3e
29. P-5e P-3f
30. Px5d sealed
(diagram 3)

HABU tried to make "Anaguma" , but FUKAURA disturbed by B-6d . If HABU complete making Anaguma by S-8h , FUKAURA will exchange Pawn and Bishop by P-8f . HABU got away the 6d Bishop by P-6e . HABU started attacking with Pawn push and sucrifice .
FUKAURA sealed the 60th move , and the game stopped today . They will restart this game next morning .

You can see this game record on the Net ; (JAVA version) (Text version )


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