May 2, 2010

Ai Furibisha ; Sente Nakabisha vs Gote Sanken Bisha

Shogi Game record : The 59th NHK cup TV Shogi tournament

A shogi game of the NHK cup TV Shogi tournament between KUBO and WATANABE was broadcasted 31 January 2010 .

Sente : KUBO Toshiaki (Kio)
Gote : WATANABE Akira (Ryuo)

(diagram 1)

1.P-5f P-3d
2.R-5h R-3b
3.P-5e P-3e
4.R-5f R-3d
5.K-4h K-6b
6.S-3h K-7b
7.S-6h P-1d
8.P-1f K-8b
9.P-2f S-7b
10.S-2g S-4b
11.S-5g G4a-5b
12.G-3h S-3c
13.K-3i P-2d
14.S-4f R-8d
(diagram 1)

KUBO pushed the 5th file Pawn with 1.P-5f and ranged the Rook with 2.R-5h making a Nakabisha formation . WATANABE also ranged his Rook with 2...R-3b making a Sanken Bisha form and the opening became Ai Furibisha game .

Both players advanced their Rook Pawn with 3.P-5e P-3e and floated their each Rook with 4.R-5f R-3d . KUBO made Kata mino gakoi and immediately developed it to Kata Ginkanmuri . In the other hand , WATANABE made Hon mino gakoi .

KUBO advanced his left Silver with 14.S-4f aiming at the 3e-Pawn and WATANABE slid his Rook with 14...R-8d threatening the 8g-Pawn .

(diagram 2)

15.P-8f S-3d
16.B-7i B-4d
17.P-9f N-3c
18.P-9e R-6d
19.G-7h P-2e
20.Px2e P-1e
21.Px1e P-3f
22.Sx3f Nx2e
23.S4f-4e Sx4e
24.Sx4e P*1g
25.K-4h Lx1e
26.P*1f P-1h+
27.Lx1h P*1g
28.Lx1g Nx1g=
29.Sx4d Nx2i+
30.S-3c= L*8g
31.N-9g S*6i
32.G-6h L-8i+
33.Gx6i Rx6g+
(diagram 2)

KUBO pushed the threatened 8g-Pawn with 15.P-8f to defend the Pawn . WATANABE developed his attacking pieces and slid his Rook again with 18...R-6d . KUBO moved up his left Gold with 19.G-7h to prevent ...Rx6g+ .

WATANABE attacked the 1st file and got a Lance and a Knight sacrificing a Bishop . WATANABE dropped a Lance and a Silver to attack KUBO's camp . Until 33...Rx6g+ he succeeded to break KUBO's camp .

(diagram 3)

34.B*7h +Rx5f
35.Bx5f +Lx7i
36.Gx7i N*2f
37.K-5g Nx3h+
38.K-4f P*3b
39.Sx3b+ +Nx3g
40.K-3e G*1c
41.S*2d B*1g
42.K-4f Gx2d
43.K-5g R*5i
(diagram 3)

After 86 moves , WATANABE won the game .

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