Oct 16, 2008

2nd game started with SHIMIZU's P-2f . (Jo-ryu Oi)

Shogi News; The 19th Jo-ryu Oi sen 5 games match .

The 2nd game of Jo-ryu Oi sen between ISHIBASHI and SHIMIZU started at 9:00 A.M. , 16 October 2008 at Noboribetsu city , Hokkaido . ( http://www.takinoya.co.jp/main.html )

You can see the game on the Net nearly real time .
(Java Script version , written in Japanese language )
(Flash version , written in Japanese language )
(Text version , written in Japanese language )
(Camera for ISHIBASHI )
(Camera for SHIMIZU )
(Camera for the room )
(Camera for the Shogi board )

Sente; SHIMIZU Ichiyo (Jo-ryu Osho , Kurashiki Touka)
Gote; ISHIBASHI Sachio (Jo-ryu Oi)

(diagram 1)

1. P-2f P-3d
2. P-7f B-3c
3. Bx3c+ Nx3c
4. G-7h R-4b
5. S-4h K-6b
6. K-6h K-7b
7. P-2e R-2b
8. K-7g K-8b
9. K-8h S-4b
10. P-5f P-9d
11. P-9f S-7b
12. P-3f R-2a
13. L-9h P-6d
14. K-9i Nx2e!
15. Rx2e P-2d
16. R-2h P-2e
17. S-3g
(diagram 1)

ISHIBASHI led the opening to "Yonteme San-San Kaku senpou";2...B-3c . SHIMIZU immediatly exchanged the Bishops and her King escaped from battle field to enter "Ibisha Anaguma" .
In the other hand , ISHIBASHI started attacking with "Ni-Go Kei Pon" attacking ; Nx2e , after making "Mino gakoi" .

The game still continues . If you have enough time and environment about the Net you should see the game on the Net .

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