Oct 19, 2008

FUJII won with "Mukai Bisha" .(Jun'i sen)

Shogi News; The 67th Jun'i sen A class league .

A game of Jun'i sen "A" class league between FUJII and FUKAURA started 9 October 2008 at Shogi kaikan , Sendagaya , Tokyo .

Sente; FUKAURA Kouichi (Oi )
Gote; FUJII Takeshi (9 dan)

(diagram 1)

1. P-2f P-3d
2. P-7f P-4d
3. P-2e B-3c
4. S-4h R-2b
5. K-6h K-6b
6. K-7h S-3b
7. B-7g K-7b
8. K-8h K-8b
9. G-7h G-7b
10. L-9h P-2d
(diagram 1)

FUJII is originaly "Furi Bisha" player and he recently uses "Ibisha" , especially "Yagura" opening . In this game "FUJII" opened ; P-3d and immediatly closed;P-4d , his Bishop line . This combination of moves is usually the start of "Furibisha" or "Uso Yagura" . ("Uso Yagura" is faking "Furibisha" and selecting "Yagura" .)

Replying FUJII's P-4d , FUKAURA pushed P-2e . By this move FUKAURA disturbed FUJII's "Uso Yagura" , so FUJII selected "Mukai Bisha" in this game . FUKAURA started making "Ibisha Anaguma" . FUJII didn't made "Mino gakoi" , but moved interesting move ; G-7b ! The move G-7b is often used in "Furibisha Anaguma" game with preparing an early open of battle . Just after FUKAURA's L-9h , FUJII opened the battle by P-2d .

11. Px2d Rx2d
12. Rx2d Bx2d
13. R*2h R*2c
14. P*2e B-3c
15. K-9i P-4e
16. P-7e P-6d
17. P-6f P-5d
18. S-8h S-6b
19. P-3f B-4d
20. P-2d R-2b
21. P-6e
(diagram 2)

Just after Rook exchange , both players dropped their Rook again . FUJII tried to exchange Bishops , but FUKAURA declined it once by P-6f and finished making "Ibisha Anaguma" . FUJII made his castle "Kin Mino" . Then FUKAURA tried to exchange Bishops in this time ;P-6e .

After 88 moves until R*7i , FUJII won this game .
Then the score of both players in this league become following .

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