Oct 29, 2008

OOSHIMA won over YAUCHI . (Ginga sen)

Shogi News; The 17th Ginga sen G block .

A game of Ginga sen between YAUCHI and OOSHIMA was broadcasted 23 October 2008 .

Sente; YAUCHI Rieko (Jo-ryu Meijin, Jo-o)
Gote; OOSHIMA Eiji (7 dan)

(diagram 1)

1. P-7f P-3d
2. P-2f G-3b
3. P-6f S-4b
4. S-4h S-6b
5. P-5f P-5d
6. G-(4i)5h K-4a
7. G-7h G-5b
8. K-6i S-3c
9. S-6h B-3a
10. S-7g P-4d
11. B-7i P-7d
12. P-3f G-(5b)4c
(diagram 1)

OOSHIMA led the opening to "Ittezon Kakukawari" but YAUCHI declined it by P-6f . The game transpositioned to "Yagura" opening and diagram became just Sente-Gote reversed to "Shin Yagura Niju-yon te gumi" . Many professional shogi players perhaps think this formation is relatively not so good for Sente .

(diagram 2)

13. G-(5h)6g S-7c
14. S-3g P-7e
15. Px7e Bx7e
16. P-1f K-3a
17. B-6h K-2b
18. K-7i S-7d
19. K-8h P-6d
20. S-4f P-6e
(diagram 2)

OOSHIMA advanced his right silver to 7c and exchanged 7th file Pawn by bishop . This moves set is preparation of making one of the formation of "Yagura Kuzushi" .

YAUCHI also advanced her Silver to 3g , but she didn't exchange 3rd file Pawn . I think she should do so . Then only OOSHIMA could make "Yagura Kuzushi" formation and YAUCHI delayed making her attacking formation .

(diagram 3)

21. R-3h R-6b
22. B-5g N-7c
23. P-3e Px3e
24. N-1g N-8e
25. N-2e Nx7g+
26. Gx(7h)7g Px6f
27. Gx6f Bx6f
28. Bx6f S*7e
29. P*6g Sx6f
30. Px6f P*7f
31. G-7h B*6i
32. Nx3c+ Nx3c
33. S*4a P*6g
34. S*5b Bx7h+
35. Rx7h Rx5b
36. Sx5b= S*6i
37. B*8f Sx7h+
38. Kx7h R*3h
39. Kx6g N*7e
40. Bx7e G*6h
41. Kx7f G*8e
42. resign

OOSHIMA continued attacking YAUCHI's camp with "Yagura Kuzushi" formation and YAUCHI had only a few chance to attack OOSHIMA's camp .

After 82 moves OOSHIMA won this game .

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