Oct 14, 2008

MORIUCHI won over TANIGAWA in Ittezon Kakukawari game .(Jun'i sen Aclass)

Shogi News; The 67th Jun'i sen "A" class league .

A game of Jun'i sen "A" class league between TANIGAWA and MORIUCHI started 06 October 2008 .

Sente; TANIGAWA Kouji (9 dan)
Gote; MORIUCHI Toshiyuki (9 dan)

(diagram 1)

1. P-2f P-3d
2. P-7f G-3b
3. G-7h S-4b
4. Bx2b+ Gx2b
5. S-6h S-6b
6. S-3h P-6d
7. P-1f P-1d
8. P-4f S-6c
9. S-4g G-3b
(diagram 1)

MORIUCHI led the opening to "Ittezon Kakukawari" and TANIGAWA accepted it . MORIUCHI choiced 3...S-4b variation , instead of this move many players select Bx8h+ or P-8d . Both players made "Koshikake Gin " formation move by move .

(diagram 2)

10. K-6i P-9d
11. P-9f K-4a
12. P-3f G-5b
13. N-3g S-5d
14. K-7i K-3a
15. G-4h P-7d
16. R-2i P-8d
17. S-5f S-3c
18. P-4e N-7c
19. P-6f G-6c
20. L-1h K-4b
21. S-7g K-5b
22. R-1i S-2d
23. B*4f N-3c
24. R-2i R-8a
25. P-2e S-1c
26. S-6h S-2b
27. P-2d Px2d
28. Bx2d P-8e
29. S-7g S-2c
30. B-4f P*2d
31. K-8h R-2a
(diagram 2)

MORIUCHI's King didn't enter the castle but escaped to 5b , the King positioning here is usually called "Nakazumai Gyoku" . "Nakazumai Gyoku" is sometimes seen in "Yokofutori" or "Aigakari " games , and rarely seen in "Yagura" games . Both players had diificulty to open a battle .

After 142 moves until P-8f , MORIUCHI won this game .
Both players' score of this league become following .


Tony said...

Dear Mr. YamaJunn

I would like to ask about Mr. Shoji Segawa, the amateur turned to pro a year ago.

Curiously I tried to find him in C2 junisen but cannot see him anywhere. Has he disappeared?

Thanks in advance.

yamajunn said...

Dear Mr. Tony

Thank you for your question .
Why you can't find SEGAWA Shoji in C2 league ? Because he belonges to "free class" , so he doesn't join any Jun'i sen leagues . If he can get good results , he become a member of C2 league .