Oct 17, 2008

SUZUKI got the 1st win in the league .

Shogi News; The 67th Jun'i sen A class league .

A game of Jun'i sen A class league between SUZUKI and GOUDA started 08 October 2008 at Shogi kaikan , Sendagaya , Tokyo .

Sente; SUZUKI Daisuke (8 dan)
Gote; GOUDA Masataka (9 dan)

(diagram 1)

1. P-5f P-3d
2. R-5h R-3b
3. S-6h K-6b
4. S-5g G-(4a)5b
5. K-4h S-7b
6. K-3h K-7a
7. K-2h P-1d
8. P-7f P-3e
(diagram 1)

SUZUKI is a famous "Furibisha" player , and GOUDA mainly uses "Ibisha" . Then the game seemed to become "Sente Furibisha vs Gote Ibisha" .

SUZUKI pushed P-5f as his first move in this game . This move usually shows the player want to select "Nakabisha" . Recenly SUZUKI likes "Nakabisha" very well and win many times . He calls his own way of "Nakabisha" "Power Nakabisha" .

Replying SUZUKI's Nakabisha , GOUDA selected "Sanken Bisha" . Then the opening of this game became "Ai Furibisha" . GOUDA finished making "Mino gakoi" .

(diagram 2)

9. Bx2b+ Sx2b
10. S-4f P-6d
11. S-3h P-4d
12. S-5e P-4e
13. Sx6d P-3f
14. Px3f Rx3f
15. P*3g R-3d
16. S-7e P-1e
17. P-5e P-4f
18. Px4f P-1f
19. Px1f P*1g
(diagram 2)

After Bishop exchange , SUZUKI also made "Mino gakoi" . SUZUKI's advanced his left Silver and captured the 6d Pawn .

GOUDA exchanged the 3rd file Pawn and started attacking in the 1st file .

After 145 moves until R*5b SUZUKI won this game .
Both players score in this league become following .

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