Mar 22, 2009

Shogi game record : GOUDA beated MORIUCHI in Ai-Yagura game . (Jun'i sen)

Shogi game record : The 67th Jun'i sen : A-class league

A shogi game of Jun'i sen A-class league between MORIUCHI and GOUDA started 8 January 2009 .

Sente: MORIUCHI Toshiyuki (9 dan)
Gote: GOUDA Masataka (9 dan)

(diagram 1)

1.P-7f P-8d
2.S-6h P-3d
3.P-6f S-6b
4.P-5f P-5d
5.S-4h S-4b
6.G4i-5h G-3b
7.G-6g K-4a
8.P-2f! G-5b
9.S-7g P-7d
10.B-7i S-3c
(diagram 1)

MORIUCHI selected "Yagura" opening as the opening of this game , and GOUDA accepted it . Both players naturaly advanced their each camp , but MORIUCHI choiced interesting move ; 8.P-2f ! By this move , he tried to make "Yagura gakoi" without moving Bishop from 7i square . This tactics is usually called "Hayagakoi" .

(diagram 2)

11.K-6h P-6d
12.S-5g N-7c
13.S-4f S-6c
14.K-7h S-4d
15.P-2e P-8e
16.P-2d Px2d
17.Rx2d P*2c
18.R-2h P-1d
19.P-9f P-9d
20.P-3f P-5e
21.Px5e Sx5e
(diagram 2)

MORIUCHI developped his camp as "Hayagakoi" way with K-6h . GOUDA shown an attacking attitude with P-6d . MORIUCHI joined his right Silver around center 5e square to defend from GOUDA's attack and to counterattack GOUDA's camp . GOUDA advanced his camp the formation of "Yonenaga ryu Kyusen Yagura" and started attacking in 5th file .

(diagram 3)

After 144 moves , GOUDA won this game .

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