Mar 14, 2009

Shogi News:FUKAURA won over SATO's Niteme San-Ni Hi senpou . (Jun'i sen)

Shogi News: The 67th Jun'i sen : A-class league

A game of Jun'i sen A-class league between FUKAURA and SATO started 25 December 2008 .

Sente: FUKAURA Kouichi (Oi)
Gote: SATO Yasumitsu (Kio)

(diagram 1)

1.P-7f R-3b
2.P-9f K-6b
3.P-9e K-7b
4.K-6h P-3d
5.K-7h K-8b
6.S-4h S-4b
7.P-2f G4a-5b
8.P-2e B-3c
9.B-7g L-9b
10.K-8h K-9a
11.S-7h S-8b
(diagram 1)

With 1...R-3b , SATO selected "Niteme San-Ni Hi senpou" as the opening of this game . FUKAURA replied with early Pawn push P-9f & P-9e . SATO quickly move his King to 7b and opened his Bishop line with P-3d . His King's move means to protect 8c Pawn by King . SATO made "Anaguma" and FUKAURA made "Hidari mino" .

(diagram 2)

12.P-8f P-4d
13.S-8g P-5d
14.G-7h S-5c
15.P-5f P-7d
16.S-5g G-7a
17.G-5h S-6d
18.P-6f P-7e
19.Px7e Sx7e
20.G5h-6g S-6d
21.P-3f G5b-6b
22.R-3h B-5a
23.P-4f L-1b
24.K-9h G6b-7b
25.P-6e S-5c
26.P-8e P-3e
27.Px3e P-6d
28.B-8f G-6c
29.P-2d Px2d
30.P*2b Rx2b
31.Px6d Sx6d
32.P*6e S-5c
33.S-6f P-4e
(diagram 2)

FUKAURA develoopped his Kakoi "Ginkanmuri" . SATO advanced his left Silver to 6d and exchanged 7th file Pawn . FUKAURA threated to attack in 3rd file , and SATO defended here with backing his Bishop to 5a .FUKAURA continued attacking .

(diagram 3)

After 197 moves , until 99.+R-5d , FUKAURA won this game .

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