Mar 23, 2009

Shogi Game record : SUZUKI beated FUKAURA

Shogi Game record : The 67th Jun'i sen : A-class league

A shogi game of Jun'i sen A-class league between SUZUKI and FUKAURA started 8 January 2009 .

Sente : SUZUKI Daisuke (8 dan)
Gote : FUKAURA Kouichi (Oi)

(diagram 1)

1.P-5f P-8d
2.P-7f P-8e
3.B-7g P-5d
4.R-8h P-3d
5.K-4h K-4b
6.S-6h K-3b
7.K-3h S-6b
8.K-2h S-5c
9.P-1f P-7d
10.S-3h S-6d
(diagram 1)

SUZUKI pushed 5th file Pawn with P-5f , and this move mainly means Sente want to select "Nakabisha" . FUKAURA naturaly replied pushing his Rook Pawn with P-8d . FUKAURA kept 5th Pawn Kurai with P-5d and advanced his Rook Pawn with P-8e . After the move of B-7g , SUZUKI didn't select "Nakabisha" but select "Mukai Bisha" . Both players moved their each King further from their Rooks , and SUZUKI completed "Mino gakoi" . During FUKAURA was making "Funa gakoi" , he advanced right Silver to 6d and threatning SUZUKI's Bishop head .

(diagram 2)

11.Bx2b+ Kx2b
12.P-6f L-1b
13.P-6e S-5c
14.B*4f B*7c
15.B-5g S-4d
16.P-7e Px7e
17.Bx7e P*7d
18.B-6f P-3e
19.S-5g P-3f
20.P-4f Px3g+
21.Sx3g K-1a
22.G6i-5h S-2b
23.G-3h G6a-5a
24.G5h-4g G-3a
25.P-8f P-5e
26.Px8e R-5b
27.P-8d Px5f
28.Sx5f S-5e
(diagram 2)

SUZUKI escaped the Bishop by exchanging it , FUKAURA started advancing his making "Funa gakoi" to "Ibisha Anaguma" . SUZUKI advanced 6th file and forced to back FUKAURA's right Silver . After some moves , SUZUKI advanced his kakoi to "Yagura gakoi" and attacked in 8th file . In the other hand , FUKAURA turned his Rook on 5th file and attacked in this file .

(diagram 3)

After 135 moves , SUZUKI won this game .

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