Mar 5, 2009

Shogi News : SHIMIZU got "Jo-ryu Meijin" : (Jo-ryu Meijin sen)

Shogi News : The 35th Jo-ryu Meijin sen 5 games title match .

The evening of 5 March 2009 , after 106 moves , SHIMIZU won the last game . Ten she gets the title "Jo-ryu Meijin" . She gets this title 10 times .

You can see the gamerecord on the Net .
(Java version , written in Japanese language)

YAUCHI Rieko (Jo-ryu Meijin , Jo-oh)
SHIMIZU Ichiyo (Jo-ryu Osho)

(diagram 1)

1.P-7f P-3d
2.P-6f S-6b
3.S-6h P-6d
4.G-7h S-6c
5.P-5f S-5d
6.S-4h R-6b
7.S4h-5g P-6e
8.S-6g Px6f
9.Bx6f K-4b
10.N-7g P*6e
(diagram 1)

YAUCHI opened the Bishop line with P-7f and SHIMIZU also opened the Bishop line with P-3d . YAUCHI closed the Bishop line with P-6f , and SHIMIZU started advancing her camp to "Migi Shiken Bisha" . SHIMIZU quickly completed "Migi Shiken Bisha" form
and started attacking .

(diagram 2)

11.Bx2b+ Sx2b
12.P-7e K-3b
13.S-7f G6a-5b
14.S-4f N-3c
15.P-5e S-4e
16.S-5g P-6f
17.P*6e B*5f
18.B*6i Bx7h+
19.Bx7h G*7i
20.Sx6f Gx7h
21.Rx7h S-5f
22.G-5h B*2h
(diagram 2)

YAUCHI tried to advance her right silver with S-4f , but SHIMIZU counterd with her right Silver and left Knight . After several moves , SHIMIZU dropped her Bishop at 2h square and she had got a great advantage .

(diagram 3)

23.P-5d Bx1i+
24.Px5c+ Gx5c
25.P*5g S-4e
26.B*7a R-5b
27.P-6d Gx6d
28.S7f-6e P*6c
29.P-4f +Bx2i
30.Px4e N*4f
31.P-4d Px4d
32.S*6a R-5a
33.P*4b Nx5h+
34.Kx5h P*5f
35.Sx5f Rx6a
36.Px4a+ Rx7a
37.G*4b K-2a
38.P*6e G-5d
39.G*3b K-1b
40.+P-3a P-1d
41.+P-2a B*7f
42.N*6g S-1c
43.Gx3c Rx2a
44.G4b-3b R-7a
45.S6f-5e G-5c
46.R-8h P*5d
47.S-6f L*3a
48.N*2e Lx3b
49.Gx3b S-2d
50.N-3c+ Sx3c
51.Gx3c S*7i
52.L*2f N*4f
53.K-6i G*6h
(diagram 3)

After 106 moves , SHIMIZU won the game .

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