Feb 8, 2009

Shogi News; KUBO won the 1st game ! (Kio sen)

Shogi News ; The 34th Kio sen : 5 games title match

6:35 P.M. 8 February 2009 , after 86 moves , KUBO won the 1st game of this match .
Next game will start 28 February 2009 at Ishikawa .

You can see the game nearly real time on the Net .
(Flash version , written in Japanese language)
(Java version , written in Japanese language)

Sente: SATO Yasumitsu (Kio)
Gote: KUBO Toshiaki (8 dan)

(diagram 1)

1.P-7f P-3d
2.P-2f P-5d
3.S-4h P-5e
4.K-6h R-5b
5.K-7h K-6b
6.G4i-5h K-7b
7.S-6h B-3c
8.P-3f S-4b
9.S-3g P-4d
(diagram 1)

KUBO selected Gokigen Nakabisha . SATO didn't push P-2e but moved up right Silver with S-4h . KUBO got the Kurai of 5th file with P-5e , then the opening transposition to "Gote Gosuji Kuraidori Nakabisha" . SATO tried to attack KUBO's Bishop head & 5e Pawn with his right Silver .

(diagram 2)

10.S-4f P-4e
11.Sx4e S-4c
12.P-4f G-3b
13.G-4g B-2b
14.P-9f N-3c
15.N-3g K-8b
16.P-9e G-7b
17.P-2e P-1d
18.P-5f Nx4e
19.Nx4e S-5d
20.Px5e S-6e
(diagram 2)

SATO moved up his right Silver with S-4f and KUBO immediately pushed P-4e . SATO captured 4e Pawn , and the Silver became exchanged with KUBO's left Knight . KUBO make his Kakoi with G-7b , this castle has no name . After some moves , KUBO's left Silver advanced to 6e and tried to attack SATO's king directly .

(diagram 3)

21.P-2d Px2d
22.Rx2d P*2c
23.R-2h Rx5e
24.Bx5e Bx5e
25.S-7g B*4d
26.P*5d Bx7g+
27.Nx7g Sx7f
28.N*8i Bx7g+
29.Nx7g N*7e
30.G-5h S*3i
31.R-1h P*5g
32.G4gx5g Nx8g+
33.K-6i Sx7g+
34.B*2f S*2g
35.P*7i Sx1h=
36.B*4d N*6b
37.P-5c+ S-2g+
38.B-5i P*5f
39.Gx5f R*7f
40.B5ix7g +Nx7g
41.Bx7g Rx7g+
42.S*7h +R-8f
43.N*6f P*4g
(diagram 3)

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