Nov 18, 2009

Shogi Game record : Sente Gokigen Nakabisha ; Gote Gyoku tou Kurai dori . (Asahi cup)

Shogi Game record : The 3rd Asahi cup Shogi open ; 1st pre-round

A shogi game of the Asahi cup 1st pre-round between SHIMIZUKAMI and UENO started 2:00 P.M. 15 August 2009 .

You can see the original game record on the Net .
(Flash version , written in Japanese language)

Sente : SHIMIZUKAMI Tohru (amateur)
Gote : UENO Hirokazu (5 dan)

(diagram 1)

1.P-5f P-3d
2.R-5h P-5d
3.P-7f S-6b
4.K-4h K-4b
5.K-3h S-5c
6.K-2h P-8d
7.S-3h P-8e
8.P-1f P-1d
9.P-4f G6a-5b
10.Bx2b+ Sx2b
11.S-8h S-3c
12.S-7g K-3b
13.P-5e Px5e
14.Rx5e P*5d
15.R-5i P-4d
16.S-6f G-4c
17.N-7g G4a-4b
18.G-7h P-3e
19.S-4g S-3d
20.G-3h P-4e
(diagram 1)

SHIMIZUKAMI selected Nakabisha as his strategy of this game . UENO moved up his right and advanced his Rook Pawn before completed his Funa Gakoi .

SHIMIZUKAMI built his Kata Mino Gakoi and exchanged the Bishops with 10.Bx2b+ . After exchanging the 5th file Pawns , SHIMIZUKAMI advanced his left Silver & Knight to make his attacking formation .

UENO developed his Funa gakoi to Gin tachi Yagura until 19...S-3d and pushed the Pawn with 20...P-4e to exchange the 4th file Pawns . In the other hand , SHIMIZUKAMI developed his Kata mino gakoi to KIMURA mino until 20.G-3h .

(diagram 2)

21.Px4e Sx4e
22.P*4f S-3d
23.S-5g N-3c
24.S5g-5f P-2d
25.P-4e P-6d
26.P-6f P*4d
27.P-6e Sx4e
28.Sx4e Px4e
29.Px6d B*7d
30.S*6e S-4d
31.Sx7d Px7d
32.P-6c+ S*5e
33.P*5c P-4f
34.S-5h N-4e
35.P-5b+ P-3f
36.Px3f P*3g
(diagram 2)

After the 4th file Pawn exchange , SHIMIZUKAMI once backed his left Silver to set it better position . SHIMIZUKAMI advanced the 6th file Pawn and started attacking here .

UENO dropped a Bishop with 29...B*7d to avoid the P-6c+ and threatening the 4g-Silver . But SHIMIZUKAMI dropped a Silver with 30.S*6e attacking the 7d-Bishop and blocking the Bishop line to 4g . UENO didn't escape the 7d-Bishop , but advanced her 5c-Silver to prepare the attack against SHIMIZUKAMI's Kakoi directly .

SHIMIZUKAMI succeeded to make a promoted Pawn and dropped one more Pawn with 33.P*5c to make additional promoted Pawn . UENO also attacked SHIMIZUKAMI's Kakoi .

(diagram 3)

37.G-4h S*4g
38.Sx4g Px4g+
39.Gx4g S*4f
40.G-4h N-5g+
41.Gx5g Sx5g=
42.Rx5g S-4f
43.R-6g P-1e
44.+Px4b Rx4b
45.+P-5b resigns
(diagram 3)

After 89 moves , SHIMIZUKAMI won the game .

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